Spring 2019 Trends

The beginning of a new season is always exciting. The quarterly change signifies so much, like going back to school, the rebirth of flowers and greenery on trees, or maybe your favorite holiday, depending on the time of year. Personally, spring has always been one of my favorite seasons, as I love to anticipate the warm weather as temperatures begin to rise through March and April. But we aren’t quite there yet! In February, we get New York Fashion Week, which is always fun, and an influence on fashion in the following months. As fashion trends grow wackier on and off the runway, I predicted trends that may be on their way to the mainstream this upcoming season.

Split color footwear:

Different than color blocking, or the look inspired by artist Piet Mondrian that uses opposite colors to create a complementary look, split or dual colored shoes use only two colors. They aren’t necessarily exact opposites, which is common with color blocking. This look has been seen in both formal and casual footwear, and the split has seen both vertically and horizontally. It’s so bold that you won’t miss it when you see it.




Though chains are no stranger to the fashion world, they are definitely coming back around. They work both for those who like to go for an edgier look and those who don’t. It’s becoming common for pants to be sold with a chain attached as a removable accessory, so you can choose when you want to rock it.

Poshmark.com and fashionnova.com

Mixed Textures:

I bet you’re thinking about when you were eight years old; walking into a parents room with a striped top and polka-dot pants; asking, “does this match?” But that’s not what I’m talking about here. We’ve evolved from that, honey! When you mix textured neutrals with one colorful piece, or just keep it to textured basics, the whole look comes together as something way more unique than what we’ve all been used to in the wake of plain neutrals as a trend. As shown in the photo, I’m wearing black cruelty-free leather pants, a black bralette, and a colorful chiffon shirt.


While mixing neutral textures can be seen as an upgrade from regular neutrals, neon as a trend is an antithesis of neutral. Neon works best when it’s the focal point of an outfit or the entire look! You don’t want it to clash with anything else, so this trend works best as a dress or paired with all black/white. Neon is also super versatile with skin tone. It can complement dark skin beautifully but also make pale complexions look tanned, which is perfect in the wake of peak “pale skin season.”


Spring is always a fun season for fashion. As the weather changes, a lot of options open up when it comes to different designs and colors to try. Plus, you won’t need to hide behind a bulky coat anymore. Fashion is only getting funkier, and we’re here for it!