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Shai Berkowitz ’17

 Shai Berkowitz

Major: Engineering

Year: Freshman

Hometown: New Rochelle, New York

Relationship Status: Single

Interests/ Campus activities: soccer, ultimate Frisbee, baseball, football, tennis, base singer in coed a cappella group Rak Shalom

What would a girl do to get your attention?

Something daring, or kind of out there.

What draws your eyes first to a girl?

Her eyes, I like bright blue. And of course then the lips and a sweet smile!

How would you get a girl’s attention?

I would sing to her! What comes to my mind is ‘Just Haven’t Met You Yet.’

Favorite date spot?

I would take her to one of my a cappella practices, I think I would impress her there.

What is the thing you’re most complimented about?

My smile- I was once told my smile is going to take me places!

How important is family to you?

My family is very important to me, I wouldn’t be in a relationship with a girl if I thought they wouldn’t connect with my family.

What’s your biggest turn off in a girl?

Grumpy or angry, that’s a big turn off, I couldn’t talk or connect with someone who would shut themselves off to the world. Sad I could deal with, I could be their knight in shining armor.

Who is your hero?

My older brother. He’s thoughtful, caring and great with the ladies.

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