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Scheduling for Freshies

Class registration for spring 2020 opened on Oct. 24, and UMD students are feeling the pressure to fulfill GenEd requirements, avoid 8 am classes, and stay on track to complete a degree in four years. Scheduling can be extremely stressful, especially for first-year students who had to fill out a four-year plan. Luckily, UMD offers numerous tools to make the process easier for students.

1. Use umd.courseoff.com

UMD has partnered with Courseoff, which is a website that allows students to make sample schedules before their registration appointment. The site is loaded with all of the various class times for courses, so you can play around with different possible schedules. 


Photo by Devon Milley

2. Utilize the degree audit tool on Testudo

The degree audit tool shows students the requirements they have or haven’t completed for their degree. It’s helpful in figuring out what classes you still need to take and in remembering the requirements you already fulfilled. You can also run an audit for other undeclared majors, in case you’re thinking about switching or adding one.


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3. Talk to an academic advisor

While this one seems obvious because it’s a student requirement, some people underestimate how helpful advisors can be. They can help you decide when it’s best to take certain classes or clarify questions about degree requirements. You can also talk to advisors about a study abroad trip you might want to take or a potential major you’re considering. Advisors might not have all the answers, but they can point you in the right direction or recommend someone else who can help you.


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4. Talk to an upperclassmen

Whether it’s a friend, classmate, or student mentor, upperclassmen know all the ins on the classes you’re taking. They can recommend awesome teachers or fun classes that fulfill GenEds. Upperclassmen can also be a good gauge for how difficult you’re making your schedule because they’ve already taken the classes and know the amount of work that’s needed succeed.


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Hopefully, these tips will relieve some of the stress you might be feeling about scheduling. It may be your first or last time going through this, but be sure to optimize your chances for the best schedule and the best you! 

Devon Milley is a junior at the University of Maryland College Park, majoring in multi-platform journalism and information science. She's currently a Campus Correspondent for her chapter. Raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Devon is a major Netflix binger, and loves coffee and ice cream. Follow her on Instagram @dnm1023 and Twitter @Devon_MIlley.
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