Saman Tanveer: Campus Style Guru

Name: Saman Tanveer

Year: Junior

Major: Public Health Science

Passion: Fashion

Instagram: @belatraca

Q: Tell me about your style - when did you start dressing this way, what/who influenced you, why do you like fashion, etc.

I feel like my style is all over the place. Sometimes, I like dressing up and other times I just want to look relaxed. I love comfy clothes; oversized T-shirts and hoodies are my go-to staples. I started dressing this way my sophomore year of high school. I had longer school days and I was tired of keeping up with society’s definition of what’s “in.” I like mixing street style and professional clothing to create a classy look.

Someone who influenced me in fashion is Maria Beltre. Her Instagram is @looseunicorns. I love the way she layers oversized items together in a way that doesn’t look like “I just woke up.”

Q: How much clothing do you have? What percent of it do you wear regularly?

I would say I have an average amount of clothes. I believe in quantity over quality. By having various pants and shirts, you are able to mix-and-match them without ever running into a problem. I’m really bad at blending my outfits! If I find a new hoodie that I find really comfortable or a pair of pants that I can’t resist, I’ll wear them twice in one week. It’s terrible, I know.

Q: If you had to choose your top pieces, what would they be? Why?

  1. Wide-leg White Trousers - These pants are from Zara and my favorite pair ever. I love the way they fit, how they look on me and how it’s so easy to pair it with literally any shirt.

  2. Gray Oversized Peacoat - This type of coat from Old Navy is similar to what you would see someone wear in a city. It’s classy and looks great with a pair of low Chelsea boots.

  3. Nike Yankees Cap - I got this hat from one of my cousins who lives in New York. I love wearing it when my hair is curled, as it gives me this sort of tom-boyish look. Plus, it’s great to wear when you do not feel like making eye contact with people!

  4. Blanket Scarves - I own four different blanket scarves from Zara. I feel like they’re perfect for adding pizzazz to any old outfit.

Q: Run through a typical morning/night on how you pick your outfits - do you plan them physically or mentally, how long does it take you, what do you think about, etc.

I don’t typically plan my outfits the night before unless I’m going out with my friends the next day or I have an event at school I want to look nice for. I pick my outfits out in the morning, depending on how I feel.

If I feel chilly when I wake up, even though I know it is going to be warmer later on, I would wear a big blanket scarf. Or, if I don’t feel like interacting with a lot of people, I would wear a hat so it’ll cover my face. On average, it takes me about five to seven minutes to find something to wear.

Q: What is your favorite store to shop at? Why? How often do you go?

My favorite store to shop at is Zara. I feel like Zara compliments my style. They have plain and simple items, but they also have nice prints. I feel like you can find something to wear no matter what the occasion is. I would say [I shop] at least once a month since that’s when I go to the mall.

Q: Which fashion trends do you want to try? Ones you don’t?

I really want plaid black and white pants. I believe they look so stylish on literally everyone who wears them.

A fashion trend I never want to try is bomber jackets. I don’t think they will look nice on me.

Q: What is your go-to outfit? Why?

My go-to outfit is either a pair of baggy or patterned pants with a t-shirt, leather jacket and Vans. I believe that it’s simple, yet fashionable.  

Q: Share a fashion tip/lesson you have learned that you think others may not know.

Shopping in the men’s section is the best place to find clothes. Specifically, the clearance section. Men’s clothing are much more cheaper than women’s clothes and they fit better!