A Running Rainbow: Terp Thon Sponsors the Color Run For The Kids

On Sept. 26 the University of Maryland fundraising group Terp Thon sponsored their Color Run For The Kids, a 2.1-mile race that used proceeds from registration to benefit needy children.

The run took place around the University of Maryland campus. The purpose of the run was to raise both funds and awareness for the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

Runners arrived at the sundial on McKeldin mall around 10:30 a.m. in order to check-in for the race, which started around noon. At 11 a.m. a crowd of students wearing white T-shirts was forming on the mall. Upbeat music blasted through speakers as groups of runners congregated, excitedly preparing for the race.

The crowd of students looked eager to start running. Many were clad in bright face paint and colorful armbands or tutus. The result was a pretty eclectic group; with some just wearing white T-shirts and others looking as if they were wearing every bit of neon colored clothing that they owned.

The race began and as it progressed runners became increasingly rainbow colored as people on the sidelines, some being children from the Miracle Network, threw colored powder into the air onto the runners.

Students liked both the run and the cause that it stood for.

“I love to run,” said sophomore Meredith Haney. “I just think it’s important to support [children in hospitals] in any way you can.”

Haney felt a personal connection to the run after a summer spent meeting people dealing with cancer.

“This summer I met this kid named Diego who is five and the cutest thing ever,” she said.  “But he’s suffering from cancer, and I don’t want people to go through that.”

Many freshman students participated in the event. The new students, who are still getting acquainted with the University, enjoyed the opportunity to participate in a fun athletic event for a good cause.

“I was encouraged to participate in the event because I’m a freshman and I wanted to get involved in something,” said freshman Julie Clark. “I do relay for life and [The Color Run] seemed similar.”

Terp Thon plans a variety of events throughout the year, all of which raise funds for kids in the Children’s National Health System. In October, Terp Thon will be holding a Zumba Thon, which will allow students the opportunity to again exercise for a good cause. Terp Thon will also continue to sponsor its 12-hour dance marathon, which occurs every March.