Outfits For Every Holiday Occasion

Its that time of year again and you are either so excited for the holidays, or you’re afraid for your life about your GPA. With so many different events around the corner you may have no idea what to wear to all of them. I’ve thought up all the parties you will go to and, like the holiday fairy godmother that I am, what you should wear to them. So no matter what kind of plans you have this holiday season let me guide you to your perfect outfit for every occasion!

Ugly Sweater Party

Of course they are cliché but that’s why we love them! No holiday season is complete without at least one occasion to wear a (not so) ugly sweater. You have this opportunity to make or buy the most outrageous, sparkly, and fuzzy sweater you can find! Ugly sweaters are now a trend, so you can find cute ones at Nordstrom, H&M, and Amazon, or go buy some tinsel and hot glue it all over an inexpensive sweater. Since you’ll want the sweater to be your main focus, stick to basic jeans or black leggings and Converse!

Office Holiday Party

You might not have a clue what to wear to a work party, and what is a work party even like? might be something you’re asking yourself. But don’t fret; it will just be a bunch of coworkers hanging out, no biggie.  Go for your favorite sweater and jeans, you don’t need to be too dressed up, but make sure to show your personality because they most likely have only seen you in your work uniform!  Try throwing on a faux fur vest to spice things up.

Last Night Out in CP


Are you excited for winter break but sad to be leaving your friends for a whole month? You will probably be going out for a last hurrah this semester, so what do you wear? If it’s not a sweater party, you probably want to go all out and feel confident! Wear your absolute favorite going out outfit, rock your last night out and have a good time!  Try something like this edgy almost all-black look!

Holiday Brunch

If you are like me, brunch is your favorite meal, and by that I mean I love getting to eat about four meals in one.  How do you balance being cute, and being able to eat half your weight in French toast? Well friend I have the answer for you: jeggings and a comfy sweater.  You will look super cute, and the best part of all is your pants may look tight and flattering, but you could also totally sleep in them.

Family Dinner Party

Holiday dinner is my favorite night of the year. But there can be so much pressure to look cute especially if you don’t see your family that much.  Here are some tips to being the cutest cousin: Stay a little conservative, flatter your features, and make sure you are comfortable. Try a long-sleeved sweater dress and over the knee boots to stay warm and trendy!

New Years Eve Festivities

No matter what you have planned for New Years Eve you can’t go wrong with a cute dress and some killer heels. Headed to a party? Something sparkly will be your best bet.  Out to dinner? Wear your cutest heels. Out on the town? Wear a fun coat and heeled boots!

Whatever events you are going to this season don’t forget it’s not all about the looks; the holiday season is time for family, and friends. Don’t forget to make these looks your own and tag the Her Campus Maryland Instagram if you try any of these looks out! Happy holidays y’all!