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Cover photo of the Farmer\'s Market entrance at Tawes Garden Plazes
Cover photo of the Farmer\'s Market entrance at Tawes Garden Plazes
Original photo by Sophia Yodice
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New Student Vendors at the Farmers Market – Cuttis Plants and BearHands Bracelets join the vendors list

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Maryland chapter.

By: Sophia Yodice

Every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., the University of Maryland’s very own farmers market graces Tawes Plaza Garden. Rain or shine, you can expect a plethora of local businesses to peruse or purchase from, ranging from clothing and coffee to pickles and plants.

This season, the market has welcomed two new UMD student vendors, Cuttis Plants and BearHands Bracelets. 

Cuttis Plants is a family-owned business fronted by Ethan Bikos, Bikos’ friend Johnny and his mother. Together, the team fosters and grows their own plants to sell at the market. What started as a passion project sprouted into a profiting business that promotes the benefits of students caring for plants during their newfound independence.

“A lot of these plants in the water [pictured above] are really easy for students in dorms to take care of because they don’t take a lot of work,” Bikos explains.

A photo of Ethan Bikos at his Cuttis Plants table posing with his products and his free sticker with a QR code to his website.
Original photo by Sophia Yodice

Cuttis Plants has quickly grown in popularity, as many customers are often seen browsing the plant selections. UMD student Louise Ndovie walked away from Bikos’ stand smiling brightly with a plant in hand, her newly purchased Chinese money plant ready to take home.

“I’m trying to be a good plant mom and support a small business,” Ndovie said.

Cuttis Plants’ mission is to help college students become more in tune with plants and nature, their instagram is full of great tips and products for customers to engage in and explore.

Cuttis Plants costumer, Louise Ndovie purchases a Chinese Money Plant and poses with her new possesion.
Original photo by Sophia Yodice

The second new vendor at the market is BearHands Bracelets, owned by Emma Behrens. The table was adorned with brightly colored hand-made friendship bracelets and knit goods like plushies and hats. 

“I’ve always been a crafter, my mom taught me how to knit when I was very young and I would make friendship bracelets at summer camp, but when COVID hit I needed a hobby…and here we are,” Behrens said. 

When she’s not at the farmers market, Behrens also sells her creations on her Etsy shop, where she takes custom orders and advertises her impressive work.

Emma Behrens poses with her knit goods and friendship bracelets at the BearHands Bracelets table.
Original photo by Sophia Yodice

As the semester comes to a close with only one Wednesday left, check out the new student vendors and other tables at the farmers market. Who knows, it might even inspire you to start your own market.

Even just attending the market is helping your community, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy the atmosphere full of hardworking people!

“Do what you love and you won’t work a day,” Behrans.