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Mac Miller Concert in Stamp Student Union

Over 400 students poured into the Stamp Student Union a few weeks ago to hear the rising cultural sensation Mac Miller preform for the fall semester back to school concert.  The artist who toured earlier this past summer with Wiz Khalifa on the Wake and Bake tour was welcomed with a roaring audience.  Tickets to his show sold out one minute after they were released.  Only 400 tickets were for sale, and those 400 were very eager to see the new famed artist.

Mac Miller has a tradition on his tours to remember his grandfather who passed away.  He asked audience members to raise their cell phones or anything that lit up in remembrance for loved ones.  The entire room immediately rose their hands and together had a moment of remembrance while Mac rapped a song in honor of his grandfather. 
Mac takes a break from singing to look to his friends for support. The artist was lucky enough to be supported by a large group of the Maryland campus, but also his local friends from home.  His Maryland friends from home stood back stage while he preformed at the Student Union.  
The audience cheers on the young artist as he returns to the stage.  The singer returned for a encore after performing for over an hour.  
Audience members continuously cheered on the rapper as he performed that night.  Everyone who went, fully enjoyed the concert.


Costume change.  Mac surprised the audience when he came out on stage halfway through the concert sporting a Maryland t-shirt.  His shirt read “All Terp Everything.”


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