How UberEATS Does More Than Just Deliver

Similar to every college student with a meal plan intact, the initial phase of unlimited all-you-can-eat dining services provided on-campus is an overwhelming, yet mouthwatering experience. Then, the season changes. Suddenly, the seemingly short distance walk appears much longer when the icy chill of fall creeps into the dorms and settles onto your skin.

That’s where UberEATS comes in. The online meal ordering app utilizes the ride-hailing service Uber, allowing you to get food from your favorite places without the hassle of having to go there, especially if you don’t have a car. After plugging in your address and billing information, the only question left is: What are you in the mood for?

I discovered the app on a particularly stressful day when I was studying, doing work and agonizing over assignments, needing an at-home meal with better quality than my noodles without the trouble of having to go out to eat.

Quickly, I logged my information into the app on my phone and began perusing their expansive list of options for my latest craving: french toast.

Figuring it’d be best to order from somewhere not too far away, I chose nearby IHOP Restaurants in College Park. There are pictures, prices and descriptions of all of the meals—I was even tempted to try something else with the vast selection of food styles offered from Greek to Bangladeshi to Caribbean and beyond.  

The only downside I can touch upon is the fact that my order took longer than expected to arrive. However, the UberEats program kept updating, letting me know when my food would arrive. Also, I scheduled my order for the following morning rather than the night I was using the app so that may have factored into the timing gap.

Unsurprisingly, the Uber driver was super cheery and I was over-the-moon to see my food bagged with containers for me to take; the IHOP Restaurants logo gleamed proudly. I created my own french toast combo with scrambled eggs and two pieces of bacon. I was incredibly full after eating only half—I was excited so I ate too quickly—but that only meant that I had leftovers! 

Overall, the UberEATS app is great for college students who want a break from the typical dining food and services on campus. So amazing, in fact, I’ll probably order something right now...