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 Her Campus Maryland’s summer trend predictions

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Maryland chapter.

We are only four months into 2024 and countless fashion and beauty trends have already taken the internet by storm. TikTok and Instagram keep these industries on their toes, forcing companies to constantly evolve in order to keep up with the latest trends and happenings. Here are three trends that we’ve already seen become big this year and three we can likely expect to see this summer, as well as some of my takes on these trends. 

Three Past Trends 

1. Bows

Early this year, bows became all the rage on TikTok. The coquette trend quickly overflowed peoples “For You” pages and before we knew it, everyone was getting involved. People were tying pink bows onto everyday items, wearing sweaters and jackets with large bows on their sleeves or chest, and using clip-on bows to accessorize their hairstyles. Even now, the coquette trend continues to be prevalent. Whether it’s online or on-campus, people are still using bows to accessorize or enhance their outfits. This is one trend I believe we will definitely continue to see in the future. 

2. Bedazzling

There are plenty of everyday items that we use that don’t have the most aesthetic appeal and packaging. As a result, bedazzling became very popular online leading people to enhance many of their products by adding jewels. Popular beauty brands such as Glow Recipe began to post TikTok videos featuring their products covered in shiny, stick-on studs to follow the trend and appeal to their audience. 

3. Skims Loungewear and Everyday Basics

Skims has quickly become one of the most popular brands for basics. Whether it’s bodysuits, shirts, dresses or pants, the company  has all the basics one could possibly want or need. With their vibrant colors and high quality fabrics, they attracted the attention and interest of the fashion community very early this year. Other brands are starting to attempt to dupe Skims by hoping to provide customers with a cheaper alternative to the brand. However, with Skims constantly launching new collections and colors, people are willing to spend the extra money for a higher-quality item. Skims is sure to stay on the grid for a long time. 

Three Trends to Expect this Summer

1. Boxer Shorts

Look out jean shorts, because boxer shorts are coming in hot as the staple bottoms for the summer. With their unique prints and comfortable wear, people are beginning to gear up for the summer season with these pieces. Tons of clothing brands are launching boxer shorts of different colors and styles in hopes of appealing to the masses for the warmer weather. I have yet to purchase a pair of these shorts, but I will certainly be taking part in this trend. 

2. Sunburnt Blush Look

Every summer, the “sunburnt” look seems to be a recurring trend. Everyone wants those rosy red cheeks that enhance their features and truly accomplish the summer look. This summer, I expect that we will see the same thing, with makeup looks becoming much more minimal. I personally have always loved this trend, and I give into it every year. As a beauty enthusiast, I love creating the perfect look for every season, and summer is certainly my favorite. 

3. Maxi Dresses 

This is a trend that is slowly starting to creep in with the weather beginning to warm up. Maxi dresses are the perfect staple to bring on your beach trips and outdoor events. They tend to come in very vibrant prints or solid colors. With their beautiful fit and their flowy skirts, they are sure to make a huge appearance this summer. I can’t wait to see this trend become more mainstream. I’m already searching for some maxi dresses to purchase for this year’s summer season, and I hope this trend becomes something to stay every summer. 

These are just a few of the many trends that have either already occurred or are expected to occur in the near future. Now let’s get out there and do some shopping!

Zoya Church

Maryland '26

Hello everyone! My name is Zoya Church, and I am currently a student at the University of Maryland. I joined Her Campus Maryland in 2023! Before coming to college, I worked as an assistant coach for girls soccer in my hometown, and I helped organize one of the largest soccer tournaments in the country, the Bethesda Premier Cup! I currently own an Etsy Shop selling digital prints, and I'm in the process of becoming a content creator! Some of my personal interests include: reading, drawing, painting, creating content on social media, hanging out with friends, and working out! My absolute favorite book right now is the Inheritance Games, and my favorite social media platform is TikTok!