Give Back This Spring Break With Stamp

It may seem far away, but spring break is approaching. While some people may want to use their time off to relax or even vacation with friends, there is also the option to use your break to do service for others. The Division of Student Affairs has an entire list of places you can go on the Stamp Student Union’s website, and each place has a short bio explaining what the trip will consist of.

Below is a list of just a fraction of the alternative breaks offered. The costs of the trips are subject to change, but as of now, they include transportation, board, meals and activities.

1. Confronting the “Stable Community Problem”: Relationship Violence in Knoxville, Tennessee

Domestic violence ribbon (purple) and the breast cancer awareness ribbon (pink) via Giphy

The “stable community problem” deals with domestic violence. It is called this because professionals say it never really increases or decreases. Domestic violence can affect people no matter the race, socioeconomic status, education, religion or gender. On this trip, students will work with local organizations to understand the ins and outs of domestic violence and also discover ways to help stop it. This trip costs $190.

2. Education and Service on Human Trafficking in Washington D.C.


According to the website, around $30 billion is spent on human trafficking every year and $21 million people are victims of this crime. On the trip, students will learn more about human trafficking from community partners. The ultimate goal of the trip is to raise awareness of human trafficking, so that its causes can be eliminated, and students will feel informed enough to advocate in their own communities. This trip costs $240.

3. The Revitalization of Public Education in Philadelphia’s School District

Young Involved Philadelphia

After a state takeover of the school system and a new plan called “Imagine,” Philadelphia has been working to revitalize their school system. Their goal is to make academic achievements possible for all students. Test scores in the city have already started increasing as well. On this trip, students have the opportunity to work in middle school classrooms with teachers and students. They will also lead after-school activities through the Education Works Program. This trip costs $245.

With so many different options, consider using your time off during spring break to give back. You can garner new experience and meet some other people.