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Five tailgate looks from the season opener

Students were awake and excited on Saturday morning as the Terps geared up to take on, (and brutally defeat), Howard University in the 2016 football season opener. Wearing a mixture of red, white, yellow, and black, students donned their most spirited apparel as they partied and made their way to the midday game. Many of the outfits that Terps showed up to tailgate in were just like any other year. Due to the Maryland heat, a good portion of the students chose to go with the traditional shorts and a T-shirt or tank top — a great outfit choice for those who struggle with overheating! However, some bold, non-traditional styles emerged and have become popular tailgating attire.


Overalls are making a big comeback. They are a trendy alternative way to get denim into your tailgate outfit without the traditional daisy dukes. You can wear them with a wide range of tops like a Maryland flag bandeau or a T-shirt. Overalls are a go-to for game day. You can even mix it up with having both shoulder straps on or one hanging off.  


Tennis / cheerleading skirts

Pleated skirts have arrived in College Park, and they are a great tailgate style. This is a fun way to show your school spirit in a modern twist of the traditional cheerleader style! Students rocking this look were spotted pairing the skirt with bandeaus, which can add some personality to your outfit. You also won’t have to worry about overheating because they aren’t any heavier than shorts would be, so they are a great option for the games earlier in the season!

Bandeau tops

Like I mentioned in the previous category, bandeaus are a great style for tailgaters who want to shake up their traditional tank top or T-shirt look. Bandeaus can be paired with almost any bottom and look great on pretty much anyone with any body type, making bandeaus extremely versatile and a great clothing piece to have in your wardrobe.

Football and Basketball Jerseys

Jerseys as dresses are such great looks, and you don’t even need to wear pants! Rocking a Maryland basketball or football jersey is a great way to ditch shorts and a T-shirt and stand out in the crowd. These looks pair great with a pair of Maryland flag mid-calves and Converse. This is a sportier look compared to some of the other looks mentioned, but equally as cute.  

Cut/Laced Up Shirts

This year the business of cutting up T-shirts and sweatshirts has become incredibly popular. No matter which direction you looked on Saturday, you saw someone with a snipped outfit. Whether it is a laced up or cut up shirt, it is going to look cool and be unique from others’ outfits. Some students also went for the two-toned zip up style. Basically, you take two different T-shirts and attach them together and form a really cool combo perfect for game day!

As the season continues, we will see if these trends stick or if they fade away with the heat. No matter what you choose to wear, the only thing that really matters is that you’re excited and cheering on the Terps!


Julia Bryant is a Freshman Multi-Platform Journalism Major in the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland with plans to double major in French studies. She is also an avid member of both the Club Swim Team and Maryland Triathlon Team. She hopes to one day work for National Public Radio as a political correspondent! 
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