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Five Fall Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Autumn is here, and sweater weather is coming up quickly. Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” is on repeat and you’re on your third rerun of “Gilmore Girls” this month. As the days grow colder and exams come closer, what better way to ease stress and upgrade your closet and decor than with a cozy new hobby?

Crocheting is a fun, relaxing and practical way to get in some self-care and make unique pieces that are reflective of your personality! Since returning to campus this fall, I’ve relied on crocheting more than anything to bring me back to earth. The repetitive motion of stitching, counting and creating something unique with your own hands all work towards easing anxiety and stress. It is a lot less daunting to learn than knitting. 

These five fall crochet patterns are perfect for any skill level, whether you’re an absolute beginner or an expert! All you need is a hook, some yarn and your favorite fall playlist queued up to start!

  1. Fall Maple Leaves Pattern (The Painted Hinge)

These quick scrap yarn leaves make for adorable decorations and only take five minutes to make! These leaves can be made in any color and when strung up with some fairy lights, they’ll give any space that “Stars Hollow” feel. Whether you choose to string them up as festive fall garland or use them as appliques on a cozy sweater, they add the perfect autumn touch to any room – or outfit!

  1. Chunky Ribbed Beanie Pattern (SarahMaker)

This chunky beanie pattern is an easy way to add a touch of fall to any outfit and can be made in any size! For beginners who are getting the hang of the basic stitches, this hat is a perfect opportunity to practice your consistency. Beanies are one of the easiest  projects to work on and can be made while watching or listening to any playlist, podcast or tv show of your choice! This beanie is also a quick and easy gift idea for all of your fall zodiac besties. To customize this adorable hat you can add a pompom or use multiple colors!

  1. Crochet Stuffed Pumpkin Pattern (SarahMaker)

One of the many struggles of dorm living is looking for the right (and cheapest) decor for your space. With this stuffed pumpkin pattern, you can add a bit of fall flare to any corner – big or small! This pattern is a great way to use up old yarn or t-shirt scraps as the stuffing and is a way for beginners to branch out into other styles of crocheting. Bonus points if you feel inspired to add a cute green leaf or vine to your stem!

  1. Fishnet Sweater Sleeves/Shrug Pattern (Anna Greene)

This trendy fishnet sweater sleeve tutorial is one of my personal favorites to follow because of how little time it takes. Dealing with weather too cold for your favorite tank but too hot to commit to your favorite fleece? These sweater sleeves are the perfect accessory for fall weather that can’t make up its mind. My favorite way to style these sleeves is over a basic white tank top. They can be tailored to make sleeves of any color or size and would be perfect for a pumpkin patch photoshoot!

  1. Charmed Fingerless Gloves Pattern  (Pattern Paradise)

Fingerless gloves are another crochet accessory that every fall outfit needs. There’s no better way to channel your inner Rory Gilmore than by heading to the library wearing a homemade pair of gloves. This adorable pattern uses basic stitches that even beginners can pick up on and like everything else on this list, they make perfect gifts! 

Sticking to a new hobby is tricky, especially as schoolwork and exams start to pile up, but crocheting is a craft that anyone can enjoy. Each of these patterns can be made within one day and once you know the basic stitches, you can make anything! With practice, you can master some of the basics in just a few days. 

You can try these patterns at any time, whether it’s in between classes, at a movie night with friends or outside soaking up the fall weather. Each semester will surely bring its fair share of challenges, but these projects are a fun way to take a break from studying and get stitching!

Skylar Drew

Maryland '25

Sophomore journalism major at University of Maryland, College Park