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Finding The Perfect Holiday Outfit: December Edition

If you are anything like me, then you believe that holidays are the perfect time to show off a new outfit. And when it comes to Christmas, New Year’s Eve or any upcoming holiday, going for a comfortable yet cute look is the way to go!

For example, I celebrate Christmas and it’s known for family time, gift giving and of course, delicious food–which brings me to my most important point: wear clothes that will allow you to look good while feeling good. That means that maybe a body-con dress or your skin-tight leather pants are probably not the best move once the endless servings of yummy food kick in!

Follow my tips below to help you on your search for the perfect holiday outfit this holiday season!

1. Check the weather.

Depending on where you’ll be this holiday season, it is important to dress accordingly! My go-tos for cold weather include boots or booties, warm and fuzzy sweaters and scarves. If you are in a warmer place, dresses or skirts are great options, too!

2. Think of what “look” you want to go for.

This is totally and completely up to you and the mood you’re in! If your holidays tend to be a little bit more casual, feel free to jazz up the jean and t-shirt look. If you’re going for a bit more of a formal setting, a snazzy pair of wedged heels might be your best bet for comfort and style! As for New Year’s Eve, don’t be afraid to shine in SEQUINS.

3. Don’t be afraid to let the colors reflect the season.

December happens to be during the most beautiful season of the year: Winter. And this is the perfect excuse to throw some cool tones into your look! My suggestion would be to go for navy, grays, blacks and even reds, for a pop of color to accentuate your outfit and match the season.

4. Accessorize.

Accessories can make or break an outfit, so don’t hold back on the statement scarves, hats or gloves that speak to you! If you have a “busy” look, meaning lots of colors and patterns, simple jewelry would complement it. However, if you have a more subdued look of solid colors or very subtle patterns, accessories that stand out will complete your look nicely without taking away from the whole ensemble. Also, don’t forget to stay warm!

5. Show it off and enjoy!

Have the most fabulous and stylish holiday season!

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