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Everything A Girl Loves About Football Season

If all the talk about Fantasy Football drafts, and NFL teams and players sounds like a foreign language to you, then congrats you are a clueless sports girl, at least in the football area. But, there are some awesome parts of football season that even us non-football fanatics will definitely not want to live without.  


1.American football Sunday

On every Sunday for the next three months, nothing is expected of you except for drinking, eating good food, and “watching” the football games. Why do those guys keep running back and forth and what is that ref throwing flags around for? Who cares! More drinks and pizza please!  

2. Football is basically a whole bunch of hot guys running around in tight pants.

Who knows why they keep running in circles and tackling each other, but honestly who cares? Check out those strong tatted arms, too!   

3. Football season always ends with a bang with all of the Super Bowl parties.

There will be tons of pizza, drinks, a bunch of awesome dips with crazy amounts of cheese in them, and those cute little hot-dogs rolled up in croissant rolls. And while everyone is actually watching the game, you can just keep hitting the food table. What more could a girl ask for?

4. Every week you get to watch your girl crush Carrie Underwood perform the Sunday night football song.

Seriously, why are her legs so perfect? Warning: you might start to regret all of that Sunday football eating and drinking you’ve been doing…

5. You can easily start a conversation with any cute guy and ask him to teach you how the game works.

You might not ever understand or even pay attention to what he says, but whatever- you got his attention and why would you want to actually understand football? We’ve proven that having no actual understanding of football is no big deal! Football season is tons of fun for girls either way!  

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