Eat This, Not That – UMD Edition

You walk in, palms sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, and look there’s some spaghetti! You’re nervous, but on the surface you are calm and ready, to stock up on everything but you keep on forgetting about your spring break diet but those fries look banging. So lets backtrack, you are sitting in your 9 a.m. class already hungry because you did not have enough time to hit the dining hall for breakfast while you were busy snoozing your alarm four times.

So now you are starving, watching your neighbor chow down on that breakfast bar or breakfast sandwich thinking to yourself how did I get to this place in my life?! Fast forward to 10:30, class is over and you are officially in melt down mode you are so hungry. Spring break is just around the corner, you want to stay disciplined but as soon as you step foot in North Campus dining hall, the smell of beer battered fries and cinnamon sugar glazed donuts are calling your name.

Now you’re conflicted, when you are this hungry, rationalizing calories and grams of saturated fat is not the first thing on your mind.  On the other hand, the line for the salad bar is about twenty or so people deep; obviously those girls are blessed with self-discipline and restraint. This is where our helpful guide comes in! Here is your go to guide on how to eat healthy when faced with the conflict of wanting something scrumptious and filled with simple carbs and bad fats in the dining hall.

North Campus Dining Hall

What you want – Build Your Own Pasta Bar, carbs on carbs on carbs!

What you should get – Build Your Own Salad Bar. PROCEED WITH CAUTION, I repeat, proceed with caution! It is easy to overload on carb-based toppings when they look so scrumptious compared to boring veggies. My advice? Go the rainbow route! That’s right, by adding foods of every hue, you are almost sure to get the majority of your nutrients while keeping an even spread of proteins and carbs and veggies. For example, red peppers, squash, chickpeas, spinach, beets, and a handful of nuts (don’t actually use your hands that’s gross this a public place people) with some light dressing on the side and topped with grilled chicken is a sure way to keep your tummy happy and your waistline in tact.


What you want – Toasted Ravioli … mmmm!

What you should get – Turkey Salad Lettuce Wrap. You may be craving those toasted ravioli bites for days, but you know you will instantly regret the deep fried sensations so close to spring break. Keep up your hard work and stick to some healthier options, I know it is hard but we can do it together!


What you want – 12 pack chicken nuggets, xl fries and chocolate milkshake from Chik-fil-a

What you should get – Co-op! The most delicious and freshly made organic option you can find on campus. A little hard to find at first, but once you make your way to the basement of Stamp near the bowling alley (still confused by this location) and the Subway, you’re right there!

Commons Shop

What you want to get – Taquitos, the mesmerizing smell of the bubbling cheese melting in the microwave endlessly fuels my guilty pleasures and daydreaming activities.

What you should get – Pre-made nutrious wraps. Don’t let the plain plastic packaging fool you; these are actually better for your health and energy levels! The protein packed deli meat, the calcium heavy cheese, and nutrient filled veggies will keep you fueled for hours.