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Drab to Fab in 5 Minutes


Face it. We have all been there.

You wake up with a jolt and discover that you have five minutes before class starts.  And you’re expected to give that big report before the entire lecture that day. You decide to do your classmates a huge favor by spending that precious and fleeting time brushing your teeth and putting on deodorant.  Next you turn to your closet and throw on the first thing you can find.  Without yet looking down, you run into class, hair resembling something like a bird’s nest, clad in a stained sweatshirt and stretched out yoga pants, and uh, Uggs.  While you’re left looking like you just ran a marathon/was attacked by a herd of lions, the rest of your class, aside from the few that shared your speedy preparing time, looks put together and chic. 

Yet, there still may be hope for you.

There is a way to look fabulous in minutes, a secret passed down from generation to generation of college girls.  Let me share that secret with you. 

Here are your four essentials: jeans, boots, cardigan, and tank top. 

And here is your timeline:

Minute 0-2:  you jump out of bed, brush teeth, put on deodorant

Minute 2-3:  slip into your jeans and boots,

Minute 3-5: pull over your tank top and grab your cardigan while running out the door.  

Insta-fab.  Instead of spending your valuable few minutes rummaging through the mess of clothes stuffed in your drawers, empty one drawer and fill it with a few pairs of the aforementioned essentials that you can grab and go.  In your essentials drawer, place your favorite pair of jeans, leggings, tank tops , and cardigans, and a few pairs of socks.  Try this drawer rule for a week, and see how you like it. Not only is this instant outfit in your drawer easy, comfortable, and adorable, but also it can be adjusted everyday.  You can switch up the tank, the jeans, or the cardigan to your liking.  

And for that unruly hair?  Headbands and headscarves!  I am not a hat fan, but I do love my hair accessories. Headbands scarves are both cute and have the power to completely tame bed head.   They also come in a variety of colors and designs- stock on up a few to keep everyday fresh and cool. Still unsatisfied?  Pull the back of your into a low pony or bun to hide any knots or tangles.  Now that’s chic. 

Looking fabulous for class doesn’t have to take all morning.  We are not celebrities whose stylists, hair, and makeup teams can prep them while they prepare for work; we are tired and overworked college students.  But we also deserve to feel and look our best.  So if you’re having one of those mornings, where the alarm was over-snoozed and that planned half hour before class quickly diminishes into five minutes, follow my advice and you’ll still be looking fab. 

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