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Dating at UMD: stay in C.P. or venture to D.C.?


Sophomore psychology major Katie Ingram said it’s hard to find fun and affordable dating options near campus, but senior dance and communications major Megan Piluk thinks there are choices both on and off campus for UMD couples.

“I feel like everything that [College Park] offers, you can do either as a date or as hanging out with friends. From karaoke at Applebee’s to bowling at Stamp there are options for singles and people in relationships,” Piluk said.

For Piluk, enjoying every minute together is important since her boyfriend lives in North Carolina and travels to College Park on the weekends to see her.

Piluk and her boyfriend like to play pool and enjoy appetizers during happy hour at Cornerstone Grill & Loft, and they also go bowling and get half-off appetizers at Applebee’s after nine. He used to also watch her perform on the dance team at football games, she said.

They also venture to Baltimore for a night of dinner and ice-skating.

“College park is very metro accessible which leads to so many different date options in D.C.,” Piluk said.

Piluk and her boyfriend love to eat hotdogs from the vendors, have picnics and take naps on the National Mall, see the cherry blossoms and visit famous attractions like the International Spy Museum. 

Source: Time.com

Ingram, on the other hand, said she and her boyfriend stay close to campus since her boyfriend practices twice a day for the Maryland basketball team.

“We do stuff more over the summer. Here, we’ll cook dinner in his apartment or go to Rita’s,” she said.

Sophomore criminal justice major Chloe Beatty said she and her boyfriend enjoy playing on the jungle gym and walking around the local park across from Rt. 193. They go out to dinner and see a movie about two times a month.

“Unless you’re going to the bars, there’s not that much to stimulate relationships [in College Park], but being close to D.C. kind of helps,” Beatty said.

Freshman music major Amanda Staub said she and her boyfriend take the Metro to the district to hang out on the mall and visit museums about once a month.

Source: pva.org

For perfect date spots just off the Green Line, be sure to check out the following D.C. spots:

1.      Satellite Room: “a hipster diner located next to the 9:30 Club in Shaw,” according to The Washington Post. This is the perfect place to visit with your beau for a spiked milkshake and burger after attending a concert at the 9:30 Club.

2.     Meridian Hill Park: This editor’s pick from The Washington Post offers a beautiful place for playing soccer on the park’s mall or strolling through the winding paths in what is also known as Malcolm X Park. People also serve food to the homeless on the upper end of the park on Sundays.

Source: A Couple Travelers

3.     Hank’s Tavern and Eats: This restaurant is mix of a “nicer-than-average sports bar and a casual family restaurant,” according to The Washington Post, and it is just one stop south of College Park on the Green Line in Hyattsville.

4.     Big Chair Coffee n’ Grill: This coffee shop, located near the Anacostia Riverfront Park, offers house-made chicken noodle soup for $5.25, omelets for $5.99, and many other dishes at affordable price points. Stop by for a quick bite to eat here, and then explore the Anacostia Riverfront Park.

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