Creative Ways to Show You’re Thankful

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, which can mean so many things. It means going home, seeing family and friends you haven’t seen in a while, relaxing and of course eating a lot of food. With so much going on in such a short amount of time, the real importance of Thanksgiving can sometimes be forgotten.

This Thanksgiving break, instead of just telling your family and friends you’re thankful for them while sitting around the table, show them in fun and unique ways. Here are some suggestions on how to show your gratitude in a way that is special to each person in your life:

  • Help your mom, grandma or whoever is hosting Thanksgiving to prepare and clean up the meal. Cooking is definitely more fun than cleaning, but your family is working really hard to make this an enjoyable day for you and everyone else. Try and take the pressure off a little.


  • Spend some quality time with your siblings. Your siblings are your forever friends no matter what, don’t take that for granted. While you were out doing your own thing at school, so were your siblings, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t miss you. In the midst of running around trying to see all your friends, take the time to hang out with your siblings and let them know you appreciate them too.

  • Make homemade cards for your loved ones. Although there is not usually gift giving involve with Thanksgiving, that doesn’t mean your loved ones shouldn’t receive something to show them you care. Get creative -- use paint, crayons, graphic design --  whatever makes it the most fun for you and the most meaningful for them.

  • Walk your dog or clean out the litter box. Your parents and other family members have been waking up early to do these tasks for three months without your extra help. Give them a break while you’re home and spend some time with your pets. After all, you probably begged your parents for them in the first place.

  • Plan a movie night for all your friends, family or both. Sharing a good laugh or cry with the people you feel closest to is always a good bonding experience. Throw in some popcorn and junk food and its bound to be a feel-good kind of night.

This Thanksgiving, don’t just say how you feel about your loved ones -- show it.