Winner Llatetra Esters speaking to voters on election day

College Park Elects Llatetra Brown Esters to District 2

Llatetra Brown Esters won the College Park City Council District 2 special election, according to the city of College Park webpage, following the resignation of Councilmember P.J. Brennan. 

Esters has lived in College Park since 1999. Prior to running for City Council, she represented District 2 for two years on the College Park Advisory Planning Commission.

“I have always been interested in politics in some way, shape or form. In this instance, it’s being involved in helping to represent the interest of others, which I find interesting,” Esters said. 

During the campaign period, Esters focused her platform on prominent issues such as public safety, diversity and inclusion and a positive relationship between the city and the University of Maryland, Esters said. 

“[Esters] seems very knowledgeable,” voter Mary Katherine said. “She’s had a lot of experience, both professionally and civically. I think she’s got some good ideas, and she listened to my ideas.”  

Ronald Cameau and Lindsay Dively also ran for the position. 

Cameau is a United States Federal law enforcement agency employee where he focuses on cyber crimes and digital forensics. He is a lifelong Prince George’s County resident. His platform focused on the environment, crime reduction and a more open, transparent government. 

Dively was born in College Park and is a University of Maryland alumna. As a small business owner, she hoped to help other small business owners in the area. 

After counting both mail-in and in-person ballots, Esters won the election with 173 votes. Cameau and Dively trailed with 84 and 25 votes, respectively, according to the College Park website. As the new councilmember, Esters said she hopes to give back to her community and fulfill the promises that got her elected by constituents.