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Brows by Bhakti: A UMD Student’s Eyebrow Business

Most people say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but eyebrows are a pretty close second. Having eyebrows that you are pleased with can boost your confidence and all around make you feel better looking. Coming to college, you may feel lost without your regular eyebrow lady. It is especially daunting having to take a chance on a new place to get your eyebrows done, and there are not many options around campus. Bhakti Panchal, a junior physiology and neurobiology major, started her own business here at the University of Maryland for students to get their eyebrows threaded.


1. When did you first learn to do eyebrows?

When I was in 8th grade but I started getting better in high school after practicing.

2. How did you learn how to do people’s eyebrows?

My cousin taught me.

3. When was the first time you did someone’s eyebrows?

The first person I did it too was my best friend in high school before one of our high school dances

4. Why did you want to do people’s eyebrows at college?

I love helping other girls feel pretty and getting the chance to see their reaction after I do their eyebrows. It's become a hobby of mine, and I really enjoy doing it and helping others whenever I can in college. Most places around college park are expensive for threading and I try to offer a cheap alternative to college students.

5. How much do you charge students? Where can they meet with you?

$8 eyebrows, $3 upper lip, $15 full face. They can meet me in my apartment. (contact me for me info)

6. What is your favorite part about doing people’s eyebrows?

My favorite part is getting to meet new people and having conversations with them and continue to get to know throughout the school year.


If you are looking for a new eyebrow person or just want to get them done somewhere quick and close to campus contact Bhakti at her email: panchalb189@gmail.com. Be sure to follow her on Instagram at brows_by_b__ to look at some pictures of her work and for inquiries through direct message.


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