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The Best Restaurants to Visit in College Park After a Night Out

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Maryland chapter.

We all know after a night of partying, it is essential to get some type of snack. Whether it’s the munchies or drunken pizza, CP has a place for just about everything you need (especially pizza). Here are some of the best places to quench your 2 a.m. cravings and complete your night out.

Pizza Kingdom

In my opinion, this is the #1 place to go after a night out. But there is one rule: you can’t go here sober. I repeat, you cannot go here sober. Michelle Njau, a business student, explained, “I won’t accept Pizza Kingdom pizza unless I’m drunk because it’s a jumbo slice, around 2,000 calories of greasy pizza, and I am not able to stomach that unless I’m turnt.”

Pizza Kingdom’s claim to fame is its $5 jumbo slice and is open until 3 a.m.! You can’t resist wanting this pizza when you see half of CP with Pizza Kingdom boxes on their way home. If you haven’t tried their jumbo slice yet, you’re doing college all wrong!


If College Park has one thing, it’s pizza. We have at least three pizza places on Route One alone! Slices has huge pizza slices and a variety of crazy flavors, including chicken bacon ranch, cowboy, and sunflower pizza. Clara Hollander, a sophomore kinesiology major said, “I love Slices and when I go I get a slice of mac and cheese pizza.” It is a little farther up Route One, but is definitely worth it!

Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s serve big, fresh sandwiches for a decent price. It’s extremely accessible and great for before or after your night out. My personal favorite is the vegetarian. You can also just ask for their delicious, fresh bread. They may even give it to you for free if it’s late enough, since they can’t use day old bread! It’s a common place to go because it’s freaky fast!


Clearly, UMD students love their pizza. Junior student Korey Duke, said, “Blaze is my favorite place for drunk food.”

Blaze is a great place to go because you can put anything you want on your pizza. It’s completely customized and single serve, so you don’t feel bad about eating the whole thing! The atmosphere is always popping, and the staff is friendly. Plus, they have been known to make your pizza into a calzone if you ask!

Shanghai Cafe

Buzzfeed ranked Shanghai Cafe as the 13th best drunk places to eat in college towns across America. They offer a huge variety of meats, soups, and noodles. They even have a Weight Watcher’s menu! Your hardest decision of the night may be what to order!

Every night in CP is an adventure, and no adventure would be complete without food. Don’t forget to bring money with you when you go out! Speaking from personal experience, you will be very disappointed when you pass by all the yummy food late night CP has to offer.