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During Avi Alpert’s freshman year, Alpert’s drag persona, Aveira made her debut during Purim. 

Purim is a Jewish holiday where it is customary to disguise in costumes to remember how God’s role was hidden during the Queen Esther story, which took place in Persia during the 5th century B.C. 

Aveira is inspired by powerful Jewish women such as Gal Gadot, Joan Rivers and Golda Meir. She combines comedy, lip-syncing and dancing to provide audiences with laughter and entertainment. 

Photo by Ambi Narula

“I’ve had so much fun performing as Aveira. Audiences have been very receptive and have noted how they have never experienced such a niche drag style,” said Alpert. 

Aveira’s style has always been sacrilegious and provocative. The name Aveira originates from the Hebrew word for “sin.”

“Queer culture has inspired me in many ways. Participating in drag has been an incredible opportunity for me to take part in such a rich history. I want to keep performing as a side hobby on occasion. I have so much fun making people laugh and helping Jewish audiences learn more about queer culture,” said Alpert.

Photo by Ambi Narula

Aveira performed at the Hillel Center at UMD this past November in support of Hamsa, Hillel’s LBGTQ+ community. 

“It felt exhilarating and empowering. I hope I will eventually be able to return to campus to perform again. Aveira brings out a level of confidence that I wish I could have on a day to day basis,” said Alpert. 

David Mosheyev attended the drag show to support his friend Alpert

“Avi is more reserved while Aveira is over the top. Aveira shocked the Jewish community because they’ve never had someone like her perform there,” said Mosheyev. 

For students interested in drag, Alpert recommends, “find your passion and imbue that into your drag persona. Whether it’s comedy, dancing, singing,” said Alpert. 

Photo by Ambi Narula

Ambi Narula

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