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Alum Profile: Ryan Schueler Discusses Entrepreneurship, Caffeine, and Javazen’s Vision to Change the World

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Maryland chapter.

“But first,Coffee” is the t-shirt slogan of basic college girls everywhere.  Indeed, coffee and college go together as well as peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, or salt and pepper.  

It comes as no surprise, then, that Javazen, coffee company of the future, was founded by students in College Park.  Among the co-founders is Ryan Schueler, Chief Relationship Officer of Javazen, who sat down with the content team of HC Maryland.

The role makes sense for Schueler, whose presentation of his brand was full of vigor and boyish enthusiasm.  He described the progression of Javazen from “ground [coffee] in a french press three years ago” to a successful business capable of winning Cupid’s Cup.  Their newest product “brew bags,” which is essentially coffee in compostable tea bag that they are using to “change the face of coffee.” (For reference, the paper used for most tea bags is combined with a polypropylene that is not biodegradable.)

Schueler recounted the story of Javazen’s launch at Bitcamp with a tailgating backpack, and how they were ultimately able to secure a spot at the College Park Farmer’s Market.  Ultimately, he came to life as a storyteller, with remarks such as “We do a lot of crazy stuff.”  That crazy, innovative way of building both a business and a brand has led to much of Javazen’s success. Schueler and his co-founders even spent a month living in an RV, giving away Javazen samples at Wegman’s locations across the country.

Fun branding activities extend beyond driving around the country in an RV, however.  Above is a cartoon from Javazen’s Cyber Monday sale.

He tempered out-there stories about “boys being annoying” with a very serious approach to his business, describing that all of the blends come down to “function and flavor.”  

“Everything we put into the blend is not by accident,” Schueler emphasized.  A former non-coffee drinker, he reiterated,“Personally, I drink my own product like 5 times as much [as I probably should], which is like stupid,” but also demonstrates the quality of Javazen.

This quality extends to the way that Javazen conceives doing business.  Schueler talked about the direct trade practices of his company, and how he even communicates directly with Javazen’s growers.

Though his business card may describe him as an “avid whistler and people enthusiast,” Schueler is undoubtedly an entrepreneur who will see success in his future. He encourages everyone to #FindYourZen and follow their passions.

Photos courtesy of Ryan Schueler and Javazen.

Courtney Steininger is a senior English major, who is currently serving as the Profile's Editor for HerCampus-University of Maryland Chapter.  She firmly believes in the power of the written word to empower women and help them to become better versions of themselves.
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