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Airbnb’s 5 Most Unique Listings

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Maryland chapter.

We all know AirBnb is an online platform known for its globally unique rental abodes, but not as unique as a quirky house shaped like a dog, or one surrounded by trees or within a school bus. Of course you could opt for the traditional, mainstream hotel, but why not take on a different route and live life carpe diem style? The following is a list of my most unusual finds on Airbnb, so you can break free from all the normalcy and experience the craziness for yourself.


Secluded Treehouse


Price: $350/night

This one was listed as Airbnb’s number 1 most wish-listed property in the world, and I’m absolutely not surprised. It half screams ‘secluded romantic getaway’, half ‘I wish I was still twelve years old.’ Personally, I’m content either way. Find this cute getaway here.


Magic School Bus Adventure

Price: $65/ night

It’s your middle school ride all dressed up. The Magic School Bus Adventure is definitely a unique airbnb, to say the least. This picture itself was enough to capture my attention and make me want to experience it. While it already gives off hippie-like vibes, you also get the option for outdoor morning yoga. Could it get more chill than that? Find this unique experience here.


Your Own Personal Castle

Price: $649/ night

Yes, Airbnb can literally make us feel like a princess for a night. This castle in Scotland is the real deal. This 12th century castle is complete with a great hall and dungeon. While it is most definitely pricey, the pictures online prove that it’s just as extravagant and historic on the inside as it is on the outside. To feel like royalty, I’d say that’s worth it. Check it out here.


Dog Bark Park Inn

Price: $124/ night

If you’re a dog person, Airbnb totally gets you. They can provide you with this one-of-a-kind experience: to unpack your bags and spend a few nights inside a massive, adorably-shaped beagle house. Somehow, the dog obsession is only exacerbated when you walk in. From what I can tell in the pictures, almost everything on the inside is heavily decorated with beagles too. The eyes will follow you. Now, if only the owners would add some complimentary puppies, this would be our heaven. Find it here.


Casa Caracol

Price: $308/ night

This Airbnb was so completely stunning; I couldn’t not include it on the list. The architecture of this home in Mexico is truly a unique work of art, and the design indoors is just as mesmerizing. I think the seashell scheme is definitely reminiscent of famous Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, whose greatest muse was nature. You can explore this one more for yourself here.

Clearly, Airbnb has a few anything-but-typical listings. While these abodes may be a bit too pricey for our sadly miniscule collegiate bank account, it doesn’t hurt to look in awe, right? Either way, I encourage you to listen to your carefree side every once in a while, and be inspired to do something outside the box.

Rebecca Martinez is a sophomore at the University of Maryland. You can likely find her binge-watching Gilmore Girls, at the gym, or reading (and probably rereading) a book. She lives for all things fashion, writing, art, and movies. Becca hopes to take the world by storm and publish a novel, learn sign language, and a whole lot of other stuff that may not be possible in one lifetime. Feel free to follow her on instagram at beccs_hope.