5 Thanksgiving Looks for Every Occasion

Yes, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day pretty much get the primetime slot when it comes to holiday style. But under the ginger-colored leaves, amidst the magic of autumn, Thanksgiving isn’t too far behind.

As we look forward to reuniting with family and friends next week, let’s not forget that just because they’ve seen us at our wardrobe worsts, doesn’t mean it’s ever too late to redeem ourselves by going ham on the festive fashion this time around.

Here are five outfit ideas to get you through this Thanksgiving, guaranteed to have you serving up some major bragging rights alongside the stuffing and green bean casserole.


1. Church

Before you eat the meal, you’ve got to bless it! While the church aisle doesn’t exactly double as a runway, waking up to a bright morning, and putting your best foot forward from sunup to sundown this holiday, even in appearance, can help us show gratitude for our blessings and get us in a cheerful mood for memory-making. To harness some of that positivity, try donning a sweet, pleated skirt, a chiffon blouse and fun accessories.

Pink High Waist Pleated Flare Skirt, $24.99

Long-Sleeved Blouse, $24.99


2. Family Football

Man, those ladies really came through in that one Thanksgiving episode of Friends. You know, the one where they all team up against each other and play for Ross and Monica’s infamous childhood troll doll trophy. Well, You can imitate that same ‘90s girl swag, too. This Thursday, guard cousin Ashley in some layers, as you sport a cropped sweater, jogger pants and a snapback for size.  


Silence + Noise Cropped Mock-Neck Sweater, $49

ASOS Baseball Cap In Black Faux Leather, $15.50


3. Thanksgiving Day

Once you wash up, nothing says Thanksgiving like spending the day as sous chef in the kitchen, surrounded by all the wise women of the family, running errands with the boys or hanging out with the youngins all day. Keep it comfy and cozy with black leggings, and a cute sweater or oversized flannel.


Women’s Oversized Flannel Tunic, $24.99

Boxy Ribbed Knit Sweater, $15.90


4. Thanksgiving Night

Yaaaaaaaaaaas, night has risen and it’s your time to shine! Now, no woman wants to be preoccupied with her lipstick as she’s working on her third helping of candied yams. So instead, focus your attention to the eyes (They are the windows to the soul, after all) by glitzing on some sparkly shadow. Complement the look with statement jewelry and a simple-silhouetted dress, and you’re ready to go. Bring it on Auntie Carol. No, I don’t have a boyfriend. No, I don’t have an internship. But I sure do look good.


Black Swan Wynona Heather Grey Sweater Dress, $75

Faux Stone Hoop Drop Earrings, $3.90


5. Late Night and Black Friday

When bellies are full and plates are empty, that’s usually when it’s time to dip and see all your high school besties. Whether you want to head to the mall with your siblings for some Black Friday shopping, catch a movie with friends or swing by another household, you want to keep the momentum of the night going, even in its final hours. As you guys step away from family, and meet up with the fam, make sure to go for a really great peacoat or bomber jacket. Then strut through the chilly streets as the #squadgoals glow-ups you are.   

Padded Bomber Jacket, $25

Happy Thanksgiving, lady terps! Here’s to some great garments, and some even better grub.