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5 Black-Owned Beauty Brands Made to Keep You Flexin’ Your Complexion

Makeup has come a long way for brown girls all over the world. Though we once lived in a time when a beauty line’s fair shades and nude colors outnumbered pigments suitable for deeper skintones, like 6:1, the cosmetics industry is making major strides these days. And despite contrary belief, there are accessible options everywhere.

Here are five black-owned beauty brands supplying every and all shades with the beauty must-haves their communities are seriously craving:

1. Beauty Bakerie

Bright, soft and youthful, Beauty Bakerie has a unique mantra. Though the brand features products that offer bold statements and edgier vibes, what it is really about is offering sweetness and sincerity when it comes to the makeup game. Beauty Bakerie offers a wide array of cosmetics, but its most popular are its “lip whips,” liquid lipsticks crafted for every person and every mood. Check out this deep terracotta shade, perfect for your winter style.

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in “Gingersnap”, $20

2. Plain Jane Beauty

Plain Jane is awesome because it prides itself on creating products made with natural ingredients. The brand offers tons of different mineral foundations and pressed powders. For those who are not sure of what formulas suit their skin, the website offers samples for only $1.50! To get a much needed glow in the colder months, check out their pretty highlighter quad.

Highlight It! Mosaic, $16.50

3. Black Opal

Not only does Black Opal provide an extremely thorough range of beauty products for face, eyes and lips, but the beauty brand also offers a bunch in the skincare realm as well. Whether you’re struggling with hyperpigmentation, acne or razor bumps, the brand has you covered. And speaking of coverage, try this easy, breezy lightweight foundation for days when you just want to look fresh-faced.

True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation, $10.95

4. Juvia’s Place

When it comes to eyeshadow pigments, Juvia’s Place is on a whole other level. From cobalt blues, to shimmered coppers, the brand features palettes fit for royalty, as evidenced by its super creative packaging and illustrations. Get your eyes popping with this masquerade palette, complete with a well-rounded collection of luxe hues.

Masquerade Palette, $35

5. Sacha Cosmetics

Sleek and sophisticated is the name of Sacha Cosmetics’ game. The beauty brand offers super affordable pigments, perfect for anybody looking to complete mature and trendy looks on a budget. For those completely obsessed with sharp lines bold lips, (which let’s be honest, is kind of all of us), go back to basics with this subtle wintertime blush.

Sacha Powder Blush in Perfect Wendy, $15   

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