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View of the Mckeldin mall at University of Maryland
View of the Mckeldin mall at University of Maryland
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4 Perfect Places for a Weekend Getaway in the DMV

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Maryland chapter.

Between the various stressors of academia and the constant stream of activity, sometimes, a getaway trip is all that’s necessary to refresh from college life and take some much needed time for yourself. 

Looking for a quick trip but don’t feel like burdening yourself with flights and upfront expenses? Don’t worry, you’re in luck! 

Escape the college-scene chaos without even crossing state lines. University of Maryland is fortunate in its opportune location which allows for easy access for various instate travel destinations at just a short drive away. Home to a nation renowned coastline and an array of natural wonders, Maryland is nothing less than bursting with travel opportunities. If you want to try experiencing life away from Maryland, College Park is conveniently nestled on the border of D.C. and just a short drive from Virginia. Indulge effortless exploration of the charms of D.C. or  discover beyond the exhilarating cityscape and travel through Virginia’s rolling hills, extensive mountain lines, and other wondrous natural elements. Pack those bags, grab some pals, hop in the car, and take off!


With almost 40 miles of sandy beach coastline, it’s no wonder why Assateague Island is considered to be one of the best beaches on the East Coast. Protected by the National Park service, Assateague Island offers exposure to countless natural wonders including their majestic wild horses which call the island their home. This astounding seashore is the perfect place to destress and periodically escape life’s duties. Lay out a towel on the soft sand and with a book in hand, find complete peace with the soft crashing of open ocean waves as your background noise. Top off a perfect day by taking advantage of rooftop dining with a view. The Spain Wine Bar lies just down the road from the park. Dine on delicious tapas,, while enjoying utter bliss as you gaze over the spectacular views of the bay area. Soak up some refreshing time in the outdoors and explore the numerous adventures this gem of a location offers.

Another getaway, Harpers Ferry, is located just 30 minutes outside of Baltimore, and is just as magnificent as it is accessible. Explore the historic downtown of Harpers Ferry to find the quaint, mountain-side town bursting with character and life. If you’re eager to channel that adventurous side, Harpers Ferry National Park is undoubtedly your spot. Expansive hiking trails, climbing, mountain biking, and fishing are just the beginnings of the never ending list of exertions this park brings to the table. Spend some time over at the adventure center and emerge yourself in a stream of ebullience as you try out rafting, tubing, kayaking, zip lining or even push your limits on an aerial ropes course. 

Maryland is a big state and far too many students fail to venture beyond the surrounding environment of college park. Get to know your school’s state better and find the possibilities that come from an inner state getaway trip.

Virginia and D.C.  

Remarkable, sensational, Skyline Drive is not one to be missed, even the name sounds inviting! Located 75 miles west of D.C, Shenandoah National Park, simply put, is a national treasure. Explore the famous views as you sore on roads twisted throughout the Blue Ridge Mountain and relish in the feeling of being one with nature. Venture to one of the numerous towering waterfalls or admire a beautiful rolling field of wildflowers. With your friends by your side, pack into the Shenandoah Yurt, located at an impressive altitude of over 2500 feet. Enjoy a luxurious night in the mountains and enjoy the amenities such as a hot tub, elevated deck, Wi-Fi and fully furnished interior. This one of a kind property is a spectacular way to truly experience the wonders of Shenandoah Valley’s unique environment. 

While a relaxing weekend enraptured in nature can be fun, sometimes, the rush of city life may be another option for a weekend trip off campus. D.C. is home to the esteemed little neighborhood of Georgetown where the activities on its pristine cobblestone streets are overflowing. Eclectic boutiques, chic fashion designers and high end dining are all attributes that make this charming social scene a prime location for nationwide travel. 

Dare to venture beyond Georgetown? Spend a night exploring U Street and dance the night away at a nightlife scene like no other. With each, equally exhilarating option, find the scene which best matches you. Live music, balcony views, 9:30 club will bring it. Underground clubbing, Tropicalia is positive to  not upset. Looking for a more subdued night out, sip on delicious craft cocktails at one of the many diverse happy hour spots. From the calm social scene of Georgetown to thrilling city nights, D.C. offers it all, take a ride in on the metro for a weekend away and personalize a trip to your liking.

The students of the University of Maryland are fortunate in the great selection of destinations they can access in under just a few hours. While the listed locations are some definite standouts, it doesn’t stop there and the options are endless. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or ready for adventure, regardless of your trip desires, make it happen!

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