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10 Ways to Spice Up Your Dorm Room

Tired of the same old dorm decorations? Students at the University of Maryland College Park share ideas on how to add spark to a dull dorm room.

Roommates, Camille Merai and Alexa Robinson, both sophomores, described their room decor. Robinson said since their dorm has no particular color scheme, everything ‘fits’. Merai added that lighting and bright colors are important to features to them when decorating.

“More than anything, we looked at a lot of Pinterest photos,” Merai said. Robinson and Merai’s room included words of encouragement around their mirror, various posters, and magazine cut-outs that spell out various inspirational phrases.

Sophomore nursing major Vinielle Morfaw had other ideas for decorating her dorm room. “It’s very girly. I love cheetah print and hot pink together,” said Morfaw. “I’m also a big fan of Marilyn Monroe.”

Sophomore architecture major Myka Felton, also explained the inspiration behind her ideas. “I saw that creativity was missing [from my room], so I wanted to show that through my drawings.” Felton’s side of the room includes some personal photos, posters, and intricate drawings for her architecture class.

Although all the girls seemed satisfied with their current living spaces, each of them suggested some improvements they could make to their rooms. These improvements include:

·      Adding pictures of family and friends

·      Adding more lighting to make the room brighter

·      Increasing the number of posters on the walls

·      Expanding the amount of creative storage space

·      Rearranging the furniture in the room

Here are 10 ideas from Pinterest to update your dorm room for the fall season.


1.     Lights, lights, and more lights! Change up the ambience of your room by adding string lights across your room or over your bed. 

2.     Decorative wall pieces. Tired of the same old, flimsy posters? Switch it up by adding a colorful tapestry to fill up wall space.

3.     Live to lounge. Instead of having all of your guests pile up on your bed, try updating your dorm with beanbag chairs if you have extra floor space so your friends can relax throughout the room.

4.     Rugs to the rescue! If you live in a dorm, sometimes the floor can be cold in the mornings. Instead of rolling out of bed to a tile floor, place a fun rug by your bed or in the middle of your room.  Your feet will thank you.

5.     A picture’s worth a thousand words. Update your space by hanging framed photos of your friends and family on the walls. Bonus points for arranging them in an eye-pleasing way.

6.     Creative curtains. Spice up your room with some fun curtains to block out the sun or to give your space a feeling of home.

7.     Storage space. Don’t know what to do with all the stuff in your room? Go out and get some cute storage bins to tuck some of your valuables away.

8.     Plush pillows. Update your space by adding decorative pillows to your bed.

9.     Mounted messages. Mount inspirational phrases or words to your wall for a daily pick-me-up.

10.  Artificial arrangements. Soften up your space by adding artificial flowers to a dresser or desk. 


*All images are from Pinterest

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