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Why Cold Showers Are ‘Cooler’

If you are like me, you love steaming hot showers. There is just something about standing under the shower head when you have the hot water turned on all the way. While there are some benefits to taking a hot shower (relieving tension, easing anxiety, just generally making you feel better), it could be more beneficial to turn the heat down a little. 

Here are a few good reasons why you should start turning down the temp when you take a shower:

                   Let's be real, what's more alarming that a blast of real cold water? Basically nothing. You don't have to take a completely cold shower for the alertness to hit, but right before you get out, turn off the hot and let the cold awaken your body!

  • Cold showers are said to relieve depression.

                 The alertness from the cold stimulates your body giving the anti-depressive effect. 

  • Turning down the heat can actually help to stimulate weight loss!

                 There's a lot that goes into this, but basically our bodies make up two fats, and when your body gets cold, the good fat begins working and aids in weight loss!

  • More importantly, cold showers help to refine your hair and skin.

                  ***Flawless. Cold water tightens pores which prevents them from clogging, while hot water opens them and dries out your skin. Cold water can also make your hair look better by giving it shine and making it healthier.

Making the transition to cold showers can be difficult but the benefits can be great and can include other things such as: regulating body temperature, speeding up muscle recovery, and improving immunity. Start today and gradually decrease the heat in your shower!

Mallory Norton is a business management major at Marshall University. She is the co-founder of Her Campus Marshall. She enjoys horse back riding, brownies, and her beautiful city of Huntington.
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