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Playing Instruments With Joey Crookshanks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Marshall chapter.

Joey Crookshanks

Joey Crookshanks, a Fayette County native, is our Campus Celebrity for the week! Joey is a sophomore at Marshall University studying engineering (watch out ladies, that’s a good money maker). Joey is a proud member of Kappa Sigma, the newest fraternity on Marshall’s campus. He is named the Grand Master of Ceremonies in his fraternity. Joey was asked what other extra-curriculars he is involved in and he replied, “I’m involved in almost every intramural sport, and love spending time in the outdoors.” An interesting fact about Mr. Crookshanks? “I play six different instruments!” That’s some serious talent if you ask me! Joey can be found on campus daily, and he is a lot of fun to hang around. If you’re interested in learning what those six instruments are, you should just ask him yourself!

Mallory Norton is a business management major at Marshall University. She is the co-founder of Her Campus Marshall. She enjoys horse back riding, brownies, and her beautiful city of Huntington.