Going Through Sorority Recruitment: From the Non-Sorority Girl

Throughout my time at Marshall (I am currently in my third year), I have struggled with the thought of joining a sorority. I felt as though joining a sorority was the best way to get involved, but did not feel like it was really for me. I had heard all the stereotypes (all they do is party, no one is nice, all your friends are fake, etc., not really anything good), and I felt like I needed to believe those stereotypes. During the last few years, I have become friends with many of the sorority girls on campus, some of them even becoming my closest friends. That’s when I realized that every stereotype I had in my head was wrong. 

By expressing my struggle, I have found that other girls are intimidated to go through recruitment because they have heard the stereotypes and do not want to be put under those. Now, I tell everyone to go through recruitment. Going through recruitment does not mean you absolutely have to join. If you get a bid and decide that it’s something you really want to do, sign it. If you decide not to accept, no hard feelings, it just is not for you. 

Marshall currently has four sororities: Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Zeta, and Sigma Sigma Sigma. I went through recruitment so I could write this blog and convince other intimidated girls at Marshall to participate, because you may surprise yourself; you just might be a “sorority girl”. 

My journey starts with the Sorority 101 meeting that was held during the first week of recruitment. 

Sorority 101 was exactly what I expected it to be about; the basics of being in a sorority. We learned about the four different sororities and what their chapter, flower, colors, and everything else were. We briefly went through what the recruitment process would be like and what to do if we end up getting a bid on bid day. It was all very informative and if you want the fine details, you should just go in the spring when that recruitment begins! 

After going through the slideshow, all the girls in attendance were broken up into seven groups and given recruitment counselors. We met our counselors and played a couple games that helped us get to know everyone just a little bit and meet the other girls in our group. Every girl that I met last night was very helpful. My counselor was very natural and made sure that all of our questions were answered by someone, if not by her. She has even made sure to contact us via text and Facebook messaging to make sure that we know she is there for us. 

So far, not intimidating at all!