6 Shows That Should Be Streaming on Netflix

Finally, the day we forgot we've always been waiting for is coming. Starting Oct. 1, all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls will officially stream on Netflix. Get ready for marathons of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s quick-witted banter, love triangles, and life journeys. Also, when can we get a Luke’s in Huntington? 

But with this highly anticipated series launch on Netflix comes the question of where some of the other great shows from our younger days have gone and when (if ever) will we finally see their release on instant-streaming. Consider this a prayer to the Netflix gods for these six classics. 

Boy Meets World

A Disney Channel reinvention should have been the perfect excuse to release this unforgettable show on Netflix. Let’s be real, what didn’t we learn from Mr. Feeny? Not to mention the fact that Cory and Topanga’s love story and Cory and Sean's friendship are arguably the best of all time. BMW is top priority on the needs-to-stream list. 

Lizzie McGuire

Speaking of life lessons, what did we not learn from Lizzie McGuire? Because of Hilary Duff’s signature character, we now know that best friends are greater than anything else, the most annoying families can be the best ones, and the bully always has a soft side. But the main reason we need this show to stream? Those outfits. 


Everyone should be required to watch this iconic show. The fact that most of today’s sitcoms reference Friends should be reason enough to have access to all 10 seasons. 

America’s Next Top Model 

No show is more easily binge-watched than ANTM, not even Orange is the New Black. Even with commercial breaks during the endless TV-marathons, nothing can snap you out of your daze watching Tyra and the Jays teach a group of girls to smize and walk down a catwalk. Dangerous as it may be — seriously, it would mean a week of laying in bed, laptop on chest — Netflix should really consider this one. 

Veronica Mars

While campaigning via Kickstarter for the movie, Veronica Mars streamed on Netflix temporarily. Now Amazon Prime streams all three seasons. But for the sake of those of us riding the Netflix train, bring back the Kristen Bell sass we all know and love. Not to mention a little Amanda Seyfried and enough plot twists to keep you on your toes, even on the third watch. 

The Crocodile Hunter

OK, so maybe this is a personal choice, but who didn’t love seeing this crazy Australian man jump on crocodiles or handle venomous snakes? Steve Irwin had such an impact on me, personally, that I firmly believe future generations should have access to his best moments. Surely that’s more interesting than another season of Keeping up with the Kardashians