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Wake Up Late? The Perfect Makeup Look for When You’re Running Behind.

Picture it: you open your eyes at the time is 8:49. You’re 9AM starts in 11 minutes and you have not got out of bed yet. Okay… maybe you don’t need to picture it. This very well could have happened to you after the numerous nights of forgetting to set your alarm or the many mornings of hitting the snooze button too many times.


I always love throwing on a bit of makeup before running out the door, and I even have a routine for the mornings when I am running behind.


Always, always, ALWAYS start with a moisturizer. Not only will this take the place of primer for when you do not have time for it, but it will keep your skin hydrated and healthy. If you do not have time to put any makeup on at all, at least wash your face and rub some moisturizer in before you leave! Your skin will thank you later.


After the moisturizer has dried down (I usually brush my teeth while I wait for it to dry), immediately start putting concealer under your eyes and on any imperfections you are looking to hide. We want to hide as many bags as we can to make it look like we got more sleep than we really did, and hide any imperfections that may make us a little insecure throughout the day. Because of the time crunch, you probably will not have time to dampen and dry off a beauty blender, so just use your fingers to blend the makeup into the skin. Quite honestly, it looks and covers better when just using my fingers instead of another tool.


Because the concealer created a clear base for our skin, we want to add some color back, so swipe some quick bronzer on your forehead on the hollows of your cheeks. We don’t want to leave the dorm or apartment looking like a washed-out ghost, so the bronzer is essential to give life back into the face.


My motto in college has been that “I am never too late for blush.” Blush, especially heavy blush, is very popular right now, so grabbing a blush brush and putting some rosey color on the apples of your cheeks will liven your face up a bit more.


Lining and filling in my eyebrows take the most time out of anything else in my makeup routine. Rather than spending time to shade them in, I grab a clear brow gel and simple brush them up and into place to at least add a bit of shape.


After brows have been set in place and tame just a bit, I grab the highest quality mascara and swipe it on my lashes. I grab the best mascara that I own when I am running late because I know for sure that my lashes will look great even if the rest of my face is lightly and quickly placed on.


And to finish off, a quick spray of setting spray! It may seem insignificant, but we did not use any setting powder throughout the entire look, so we want to prevent our face from slipping as much as possible. After the setting spray, I throw a chapstick in my bag and head out the door!


Always remember that you are beautiful with or without makeup. Making sure that your under-eye bags are covered and there is some flush to your cheeks should not be the defining factor of whether or not you are late to class!

Hello there! My name is Jaiden and I am a sophomore at Marquette University! I have always loved to read and write, so getting involved with HerCampus Marquette was something I knew that I had to do! Outside of writing, I enjoying hiking, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, or continuing to explore Milwaukee! If you like what you see on HerCampus, make sure to check out more of my work on my personal blog, The Olive, at www.wixsite.com/jaidenschueller/theolive
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