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United We Stand


People are acting as though they woke up without a place to live, without food to eat, without their family and without clothing. In reality, there are people in this world who are worse off than us. There are people who do not have shelter, food, or clean water. There are people who are struggling with diseases and no way to get medication. Whether your candidate won or lost, we live in the best country in the world and we are extremely blessed. America is what we make it, together. We cannot keep causing more of a divide and posting such negative things about each other. Who someone voted for is not a definition of who they are. Supporters for President-Elect Trump cannot and should not be defined as being racist, misogynistic or hateful. Just because someone’s beliefs do not align with yours, does not mean you should think any less of them. People are going as far as unfriending supporters of their opposite belief.

 I will never think any less of someone who has different views than me. If you are someone who woke up Wednesday morning and are going to start defining someone because they supported President-Elect Trump and not for the person you know them as, then you should consider a change of perspective. Clinton supporters who say that, “hate will not win” are doing exactly that: hating people for opposite beliefs and verbally attacking them. Saying you hate people or President-Elect Trump, or even protesting, is not going to change the outcome. It is not going to do anything productive to move American forward. Saying that President-Elect Trump is “not your President” is only going to cause more of a divide. All we can do is hope and come together to make America even better. On Thursday morning, President Obama met with President-Elect Trump. If President Obama is able to give respect to President-Elect Trump, then we should all be able to give him respect and a genuine chance. For those of you who believe getting rid of the Electoral College is a good idea, half the U.S. population lives in Chicago, Los Angeles or New York City. Those major cities would then dictate every election for the rest of our lives if the Electoral College were abolished. The world is going to go on, just like it has after every election, for the past 44 Presidents. The bottom line is, we all still woke up Wednesday morning being citizens in the greatest country. For that, I will always be thankful for my freedom. 

Aisling Hegarty

Marquette '18

Don't waste a minute not being happy