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Come on. Admit it. We all have those days when we just want to be free with our bodies. What better than to release yourself from restriction and go commando? This option may seem taboo, but choosing to let it all out has more benefits than you think. Let me break it down when it is the best and appropriate times to go risqué!


Skin Tight Dresses

Panty lines are never in style. All it does it bunch up along with your dress, that you already know is inevitable. 

Satin Dresses

This fabric has the tendency to cling to EVERYTHING. Don’t let your underwear cling to things you don’t want it too. Looking lumpy in all that luxurious fabric is never cute. You are trying to look boujee here, don’t let bumps ruin your vibes. 

To Sleep 

Studies show that sleeping in a cool room results in better sleep. What is cooler than wearing nothing at all?

Body Suits/ Rompers/ Jumpsuits

Going to the bathroom in this is already a pain. Why do you have to make it harder for yourself? This top is already a 2-in-1 built in. No need to make it more complicated than it needs to be. 

Fashion, girly, outgoing, is the game, and Diana Banzon is the name! I'm a a small town girl from Rochester, Minnesota living it up in the big city of Milwaukee. I gravitate toward living a life full of creativity, which correlate to my Public Relations major under the Communication School at Marquette.
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