Typical Rom-Com Cliches

Typical Rom-Com Clichés 

February is the season of love, so what better way to celebrate than with movies. Whether you are spending your time with a significant other, friends, or family on Valentine’s day, all that matters is that you are spending it with the ones you love. Rom-coms are obviously the way to go in honor of the big day. 

Here are some rom-com movie clichés that we are all too familiar...but can’t help to love them unconditionally and wish that these too good to be true scenarios will happen to us someday...oh well, a girl can dream! 

Best friend turned into newfound love interest...out of the friend zone is the best zone.

Bad boy turns good...oh how we love a much-anticipated character development!

Love-hate relationship... even though it’s clear that the sexual tension is pretty obvious.

Unrequited love...tough luck what can I say?

That supportive best friend...it’s already great to have your personal cheerleader when decisions about love aren’t always clear!

Damsel in distress...because women clearly need a knight in shining armor to save the day *said sarcastically*

Main couple destined to be hitting their lowest point... times of contemplation is key to finding that...

A happily ever after... duh!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!