Thoughts on the "Free the Nipple" Movement

Thoughts on the "Free the Nipple" Movement

"Free the nipple" is such a controversial debate that can either be deemed as highly inappropriate or viewed as a form of empowering women showcasing their body confidence. Why is something as harmless and as natural as a body part so offensive? I’m sure all girls can vouch for the comfort and instant relief of coming home from a long day of work or school and just letting the girls free from prison (otherwise known as a bra.) Why should comfort be sacrificed for the sake of societal approval along with the fear of being overly sexualized by men who see nipples poking through tops? Men are allowed to prance around shirtless, while women are criticized for showing a little nipple when being fully clothed. Doesn’t sound fair right? 

I am a firm believer that comfort beats fitting social norms, in this specific situation, and has the potential to promote overall confidence in woman and equality Going braless has its benefits that society is going to have to eventually embrace and get used to. Here are reasons why you should join the #freethenipple movement, ditch the bra, and let just the girls go free! 

1. Comfort duh! 

2. Say bye to boob sweat baby! 

3. Breasts look perkier from the muscle tissue developing, which promotes natural support 

4. Improves circulation of blood flow 

5. No need to be cautious about bra straps showing because clearly it is such a secret that all women have them under clothes in order to meet society’s standards 

6. Nipples add a subtle statement to any look 

I can guarantee that the pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to this debate. So go ahead. Do your girls a favor! Screw society’s rules and rock what your mama gave you with no hesitation.