Spring Break 101

Whether you are staying on campus, heading home, or traveling somewhere for spring break, you are bound to have a great time regardless of your location. Just think, after pushing through midterm week, you will be able to enjoy a week free of class, homework, and exams. As the first break of second semester, spring break has been long awaited, but will definitely be worth all of the hard work. Here are some tips and tricks in order to have a fun spring break no matter where you end up! 

(1) Hangout With Friends and Family 

If you’re going on a trip with friends or family, spending time in your hometown, or staying with friends on campus, find time to enjoy hanging out with the people you are with. From hometown friends, to college friends, you have the opportunity to rekindle friendships or continue to build strong friendships with newer friends. Catch up with your family, especially since this is most likely one of the first times you have seen them since the semester started. Your workload will be significantly reduced during spring break, so make sure to enjoy spending quality time with the people you are with. 

(2) Explore New Places 

You’d be surprised how many places you have yet to explore in your hometown, or even your college town, and especially your spring break travel destination. Try out a new restaurant, go to a new store, visit a unique/scenic spot. Whatever you end up doing, no matter where you end up, the thrill of new experiences always creates new memories to reflect on when you head back to school. If you’re somewhere you’ve never been, take pictures, but make sure to live in the moment and truly get a feel for your surroundings. 

(3) Try Something New 

If you are feeling crazy enough to try something like skydiving, or something simpler like a new dish at a familiar restaurant, try something new over spring break. You might even find a new favorite hobby. Whether you hate it or love it, spring break is all about adventures, and what better way to start an adventure than trying something you’ve never done or had before? The possibilities really are endless, and you never know what you’ll learn about yourself after trying something new. 

(4) Relax 

It’s spring break after all, your first whole week off since second semester began. Take advantage of days without class, nights without homework and studying, and college commitments on pause. No meetings, cramming, and late nights for a whole week! Use this time to relax, take a deep breath, and reflect on all of the amazing people you’ve met and things you’ve done in the first half of this new semester. Mentally and physically take care of yourself by catching up on sleep, eating healthy meals, surrounding yourself with positivity, or whatever makes you feel content with your health and wellbeing, because before you know it you are back to the grind. 

(5) Focus on the Little Things 

College is all about the big things: GPAs, graduation, involvement, future careers, etc. Over spring break take time to focus on the little things, perhaps the little things that you don’t necessarily have time for during the busy school week. Pick up an old hobby, read a book or watch a movie you’ve always wanted to see, and spend time giving back to those you care about. If you’re somewhere new observe the culture and details of a new city, or get to know some locals and find out what they love about their city. College is a stressful time for everyone, so much so that some things we forget where we are, how far we’ve come, and why we are where we are. After all, by focusing on the little things, the big picture becomes much, much clearer.