She’s The First At Marquette

As a freshman on campus, looking into various organizations to get involved with was very overwhelming for me, but it also made me realize the endless opportunities to make a difference on campus and even in the world. When I was searching through national chapters already at Marquette, such as Her Campus and CHAARG, I was intrigued by the idea of finding chapters not yet on campus that would make a difference locally and globally. That was when I came across She’s the First. 

She’s the First is an organization, based out of New York City, that raises money and awareness for girls in low income countries to further their education and be the first in their family to graduate high school. In these low income countries, factors like a lack of money, unsafe commutes, and traditional lifestyle and social status negatively affect the average girl's ability to attend and graduate high school. Through fundraising events, scholarship donations, and raising awareness to this global issue, She’s The First has already assisted 923 scholars with the materials and funding necessary to achieve a valuable education all around the world, and that number just keeps growing. How does graduating high school make a difference for these girls? An educated girl is more likely to made more money in her future career, marry later and have a healthier relationship, have fewer, healthier children, and help change the community that she lives in. There are many benefits to providing girls around the globe with a better education, and She’s The First is an organization that is focused on doing just that. 

Upon looking further into STF I came across a link to start a high school or college chapter, and immediately made it my goal, even as a freshman, to bring such an incredible and life-changing organization to Marquette. Although there are many amazing clubs and chapters here already, She’s The First can and will make a difference for girls education both in the 

Milwaukee community and worldwide. In the future I hope to host fundraising events to raise money for scholars in other countries, along with providing the public with awareness of such an important topic that needs more attention and action. And with that being said, stay tuned for more information about joining the club and seeing its impact, upon approval, in the near future. Interested in learning more about She’s The First? Visit for a more detailed explanation.