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Denim styles are constantly changing. From bell-bottoms to bootcut to low rise to skinny — the amount of trends that jeans have gone through are endless. I love jeans just as much as the next person (and honestly in every style), but I think this winter it’s time to say goodbye to them. Fashion pants are going to be the trend of the winter, and here are 4 different kinds that will keep you warm during the cold months, yet make you stand out from the crowd of denim wearers!

1. Cargo Pants

AKA what I have been living in since shorts weather ended. Reliving my 6th grade fashion decided by my mother, I have been purchasing cute cargos every time I get the chance! The original khaki colored ones are a classic and can be paired with the most outfits, but don’t pass up the colored ones either! My favorite color of cargos that I have been wearing are gray and maroon! I have been purchasing mine from the thrift store or department stores! The best part about them are the many different ways you can style them! Need to dress up? Pair it with a simple tee and flats, or dress them down with some sneakers and an oversized long sleeve!

2. Patterned Dress Pants

Literally… a game changer. You’re probably thinking, “dress pants every day in college? No way!” Well, that’s what I thought too. Turns out, many brands sell extremely comfortable dress pants. Even stores you may not think of sell pants that don’t look too casual, but not too dressy either AND are extremely soft (my favorite is actually Walmart surprisingly!). The combination of the patterns and casual shoes (simple booties or sneakers) will leave your classmates drooling over your unique and stylish winter fashion.

3. Joggers

The most comfortable thing that I have ever put on my body! If you find the perfect fitting pair of joggers (not too baggy or oversized), they will not even look like joggers at all! I recently purchased a pair of black joggers from UnderArmor that I matched with a patterned oversized tee and some black booties. In no way could you tell they were actually sweat pants! The right joggers are the perfect way to look stylish on a day where you just want to be cozy!

4. Corduroy Pants

The amount of corduroy pants I’ve seen since moving to Milwaukee is crazy! They definitely are a new fad, and will continue to be into the winter months. There are two benefits about corduroy pants that I love! The first one is the affordability of them! Like any pant brand, there are a few that are more on the pricey side, but there are also brands that sell very cute and affordable pairs! I have seen corduroy pants at H&M and Forever21 for less than $20! The other reason that I love this style of pant is because of the many different colors they come in, and how they are all adorable! Colors such as tan and brown are original and will go with virtually any top, but colors such as baby blue, teal, and hot pink are there for the days when you want to add more spice to our outfit!

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