Profile: Jenny Russell

Name: Jenny Russell      

Year: Junior

Major: Marketing & IT

Hometown: Eau Claire, WI

HCMU: What made you decide to come to Marquette?

JR: I originally wanted to be a dentist and Marquette has the only dentistry school in Wisconsin so that was a big deciding factor, but that ship has long sailed. My mom also grew up in Milwaukee so we have a lot of family close by so that helped make the transition easier and kept me stay close to home in a way.

HCMU: What groups or organizations are you involved with on campus?

JR: I am currently the VP of Marketing and PR for Alpha Chi Omega and a very active member as well! I am also in the German Honor Society, Delta Phi Alpha.

HCMU: Why did you decide to rush a sorority?

JR: Freshman year was really rocky for me. I went through a lot of friendship/roommate issues during that year and in the beginning of sophomore year. I was switching my major and moving out of the dorm I lived in at the beginning of the year. So, in a way, rushing was kind of my Hail Mary pass to see if I wanted to stay at Marquette.

HCMU: What was the rushing process like for you?

JR: Rushing was pretty stressful because it is such a time commitment, but I enjoyed every second of it. I loved seeing the rooms with all the girls who were just as excited as I was! I had some trouble picking between sororities earlier in the week. By the end, as soon as I left Alpha Chi Omega’s room on preference night, I knew that’s where I belonged.

HCMU: What advice would you give to girls that are considering rushing?

JR: If you are considering it, just do it. If you don’t like it, you always have the option to leave. I didn’t rush until my sophomore year because people in my life were very against it freshman year. I just listened to them and I wish I hadn’t. This really is an individual process based on where you think you’ll be the happiest. Don’t just join a chapter because your friend is, pick the one that you click with the most.

I have met people who are some of my absolute best friends that I wouldn’t have otherwise because of the difference in majors or just personalities. Looking back now, I couldn’t imagine what my college career would be without all the wonderful service and fun opportunities that Alpha Chi Omega and Marquette Greek Life, in general, has given me.

HCMU: What is your favorite Marquette memory?

JR: One of my favorite memories at Marquette is this year, my best friend threw a slumber party/movie night for me and two of my other friends and she bought all of our favorite junk food, matching pajama pants and all four of us watched the Cheetah girls on her bed and sang along. I know it sounds super cheesy and dorky but it was by far one of the memories that will stick with me for a long time.

HCMU: If you were a dessert which one would you be?

JR: If I was a dessert, I’d have to say I’d be a root beer float! Bubbly and fun!