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Perks of the Winter Season

The days are shorter. The weather is colder. The winter season is quickly approaching, so we need to learn how to make most of it. There is a lot more to look forward to then you think! 

The fashion

For all those fashionistas out there, this is your chance to layer it up! From the hats, scarfs, coat, and boots, you are not limited to showing off your sense of fashion and can openly express yourself, while staying toasty and warm! The holiday season also gives you an excuse to whip out your fancy attire for family gatherings, etc. On the contrary, if you are too lazy to make an effort that day, you can always deceive the public by letting your winter coat and accessories do the talking! 


It’s called cuffing season for a reason. But who says it has to be done with a romantic partner? Maybe a stuffed animal or a cozy blanket could do the trick? Or even your mother. Really the options are a lot less limiting than you think if you are single lol. 

A ~valid~ reason to stay in

For those days when going out just sounds seems like too much work, you actually have a valid excuse of staying in, without your friends resenting you as much as they could for being a party pooper. You also don’t have to face that tough predicament on whether to bring a coat or not because it is destined to get too hot in the bar, etc. Avoid the stress altogether by resorting to a wine night, you can never go wrong with that! 

Longevity of makeup 

While the warmth of the summer is much appreciated during the colder seasons, it does no justice for your makeup. The cooler air naturally keeps your makeup set, since it dries up any oil from seeping through. The cold also naturally flushes your cheeks, but remember to load up on that lip balm – the cold breeze may not be as forgiving there!

Holiday packs of makeup

We love a good bargain! For any makeup lovers out there, Sephora and Ulta are known for releasing their bundle packs just in time for holiday season making it perfect for gift giving, or for yourself. The choice is yours!

Excuse to cozy up to warm drinks 

Coffee is a trend year round, but now it is acceptable to branch into other hot beverages such as tea and cocoa to keep you warm. No need to worry about overheating, while indulging in something so good! 


Don’t hate me on this one, but I personally am a sucker for some Christmas tunes. I would personally want to ring in the Christmas spirit year round if it was socially acceptable, but this will just have to do. Christmas music sounding too dated? Christmas trap is your best bet, you won’t regret it I promise you! 



Fashion, girly, outgoing, is the game, and Diana Banzon is the name! I'm a a small town girl from Rochester, Minnesota living it up in the big city of Milwaukee. I gravitate toward living a life full of creativity, which correlate to my Public Relations major under the Communication School at Marquette.
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