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Packers Pride!

There’s a different kind of “Jersday” during football season, and it has nothing to do with Snooki. Check out these collegiettes in Packers gear!

Louise Reinmuller and Sandy Gramz show off their Packers wear. (Photo cred: Aleina Mcgettrick)

Angie Schutz shows her support for Donald Driver! (Photo cred: Aleina Mcgettrick)

Amy Birk, a Colts fan, may be the only one pleased with the turnout of today’s game. 

Sometimes an oversized jersey is a comfy way to show those team colors, as seen on Jenna Fanduzzi.

Louise Reinmuller, Angie Schutz, and Sandy Gramz are really getting into the game! (Photo cred: Aleina Mcgettrick)

Jenna Fanduzzi is a junior at Marquette University, where she studies psychology and advertising. Jenna hopes to gain more experience in these fields after college, and that they will lead her to interesting places and situations. Aside from school, Jenna is a social media addict and spends time reading, blogging, and dancing to Lady Gaga.
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