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The New Birth Control Subscription Box

The New Birth Control Subscription Box

In an ever-changing political climate, our nationwide healthcare system continues to fluctuate depending on who holds authority. With these swift changes in our systems, many American citizens struggle for medical consistency, as our government flounders with its personal disposition on nationwide healthcare. In this struggle, many would say women’s reproductive rights and amenities are right at the forefront. Women in America have been struggling for their rights to contraceptives and accessibility to contraceptives for years. The fight for freedom for access to birth control for all women in America continues to be a highly held issue, as a male-dominated government continues to de-fund organizations such as Planned Parenthood, which gives women easy and free access to contraceptives. Now, women in business and grassroots organizations are taking matters into their own hands, and one that’s taking a huge stand is The Pill Club .

An up and coming organization founded by women and made for women is taking the country by storm. The Pill Club is a door-to-door delivery service for birth control for women. The system is as simple as that:

  1. You transfer your existing prescription from your hometown pharmacy to TPC all online

  2. TPC team sorts out co-pays, insurance, doctor, pharmacy transfer information

  3. TPC delivers your birth control to your college door / mailbox, each month for free 

With a wide range of partnerships, not only do they deliver your birth control to your door, your delivery comes with other forms of sexual health care products and contraceptives, such as organic tampons and chocolate. This service also offers Plan B delivery upon request of the user.

The Pill Club exponentially increases accessibility for women to obtain their birth control as they deliver right to your door. The shipping is trackable via email and text message and free, refills are automatically handled by the team, and when a patient runs out of refills or their prescription expires, a member at The Pill Club will contact your doctor for renewal. In terms of expenses, those with health insurance should be able to be provided a free service by The Pill Club , and those without, TPC will quote you an out of pocket price for the lowest cost equivalent to your prescription.

As The Pill Club continues to expand, so does its statewide services. The company currently delivers to 37 out of the 50 states, with Wisconsin popping up as one of its newest additions. The company currently only has license to prescribe in California, Pennsylvania, and Washington, but hopes to expand into more states as they grow.

In such a politically divisive time, taking matters into ones’ own hands is crucial. The fight for women’s reproductive rights is nowhere near over, and with companies such as The Pill Club , many women can rest easy when thinking about how they’re going to receive their next refill of birth control. The male dominated setting of the United States government continues to speak on the issue of women’s reproductive rights, while silencing who the issue really pertains to. As a generation of women coming into social and political power for future generations, we must continue to support companies such as The Pill Club in order to gain back our voices in the fight for our reproductive rights. An expansion of The Pill Club would mean more accessible reproductive necessities for women across the country. The Pill Club is taking women’s matters back into the hands of the rightful owners, the women who have been silenced on their rights for so long, and changing the way the future looks for them. 

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