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Milwaukee’s Best Off-Campus Study Spots

My entire life, I have lived just twenty minutes from downtown Milwaukee. This means that I have been able to scope out all of the best study spots in the city even before coming to campus! If you’re tired of reading in your dorm or finishing assignments in Raynor, try out these off of Marquette’s campus.

1) Colectivo Coffee

Not just any Collectivo, but Colectivo Coffee Lakefront. Collectivo on N. Lincoln Memorial Dr. not only has heavenly coffee, but views just the same! Get some work done outside while taking in the gorgeous views of Lake Michigan from their large outdoor patio. Prefer to stay inside? Enjoy your coffee in their cozy, urban building with a welcoming atmosphere.

2) Milwaukee Public Library

If you like to study in silence, try out studying at the Milwaukee Public Library. Just a few blocks from campus on Wisconsin Ave, the MPL is one of Milwaukee’s most monumental and beautiful structures. The Milwaukee Public Library is also home to the World’s Smallest Book!

3) Anodyne Coffee

The many locations around the city make Anodyne an ideal study spot for any Marquette student. My favorite location on Bruce Street (Walker’s Point location) is absolutely stunning and serves some of the best coffee I have ever had! This location also has live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Study spot by day, music venue by night!

4) Milwaukee Public Market

For more of a lax and social study area, try out the Milwaukee Public Market. A hot spot for any Milwaukee traveler, the Public Market serves up great drinks, pastries, meals, and desserts of all kinds! Walk inside and grab something to eat or drink, and head upstairs or outside for seating! Enjoy your food and drink while studying, and relish in the flow of the Milwaukee community.

5) Milwaukee RiverWalk

Nothing in Milwaukee beats the atmosphere of the RiverWalk. With an entrance directly off of Wells Street, the Riverwalk is a boardwalk along the Milwaukee River. The boardwalk has public tables and chairs where you can study or just hang out! There are many different coffee shops and restaurants along the walk as well, so bring a friend and enjoy your lunch study date along the river! After you’re done studying, be sure to visit the riverwalk in the evening to enjoy the nightlife and beauty of Milwaukee.

Hello there! My name is Jaiden and I am a sophomore at Marquette University! I have always loved to read and write, so getting involved with HerCampus Marquette was something I knew that I had to do! Outside of writing, I enjoying hiking, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, or continuing to explore Milwaukee! If you like what you see on HerCampus, make sure to check out more of my work on my personal blog, The Olive, at www.wixsite.com/jaidenschueller/theolive
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