Meet Lily Wellen

If you’re in the College of Communication, specifically in student media, you’ve probably heard the name Lily Wellen. That’s because Lily is very involved in Marquette’s student media and journalism, as well as other activities. Learn more about Lily below!

Name: Lily Wellen
Year: Junior
Major: Journalism
Minor: Digital Media
Hometown: Rockton, IL



HCMU: What are you involved in?
LW: I am involved with Marquette University Television. I am involved with Dance Inc. and with Marquette Radio, I work there. I work at the desk on the second floor of Johnston and help people get equipment. I have a radio show with my roommate and best friend, Paula Tews. And I have a blog with her as well that we write together. And I work at Ian’s Pizza, for fun.

HCMU: So why did you come to Marquette?
LW: Being from a very small town, I wanted to have more of a city life and I really liked Wisconsin. I’ve always grown up going to vacation in different parts of Wisconsin so I’ve always enjoyed the state. And, I really liked Marquette's communications program. When I came and toured they showed me the TV studio and the radio station and I really liked it so I wanted to come here.

HCMU: What's your favorite memory so far as a Marquette student?
LW: I would say having my radio show with Paula. It’s our favorite thing to do each week and it’s only gotten better each year and each semester we have done it. That’s how we really became friends.

HCMU: What is your dream job?
LW: A music director of a radio station. I want to be able to interview musicians all the time and I like radio -- that’s my favorite medium for journalism.

HCMU: What is your favorite place or restaurant in Milwaukee?
LW: My favorite restaurant is Comet Café. It’s like diner food so it has breakfast, but it’s like an organic place so they only use grass-fed cows and stuff like that. They get everything from a farm, and I like knowing where my food comes from. I also really like going to Exclusive, the record store. And there’s a coffee shop on Brady called Rochambo. It’s a really cool place.

HCMU: Who or what inspires you?
LW: Well, I love Amy Poehler, specifically when she’s Leslie Knope. And I love Olivia Benson on Law & Order: SVU. I like the girl power they show; and they’re tough, I like that. People in my life... I don’t know. I think everyone inspires me. Everyone has their own little things, like whenever I meet someone I think they’re interesting, I like the things they do.

HCMU: Do you have any advice for freshmen?
LW: My advice is don’t be afraid to be who you are because I feel like college is the perfect place to find yourself, and I really have. I think you just need to be yourself from the start, and then you’ll find people who fit in with you really well. Because I feel like when I was a freshman, I just kind of followed my roommate Jessica around like a puppy. Then I finally started to do my own things and found people that I love and adore and will be my friends forever because I went to the TV station and I went to radio. You just find yourself.

HCMU: Do you have a favorite quote?
LW: “Sometimes you gotta work a little, so you can ball a lot.” -Tom Haverford on Parks and Rec.

HCMU: Do you have a favorite place on campus?
LW: I literally just live in Johnston Hall, the second floor specifically. That’s probably my favorite place because all I ever do is be there.

HCMU: What’s a fun fact about you?
LW: I’m really good at doing a break dance move called the Coffee Grinder. And I’ve met Drake Bell before when I was in middle school. Also, my middle name is Clarissa because my older sister’s favorite TV show was Clarissa Explains It All.

HCMU: Do you have a celebrity crush?
LW: Yeah, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s so perfect; I love him.


Thanks Lily!