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How to Spring Clean Without Actually Cleaning

I like the idea of spring cleaning but for some reason, every spring I chicken out of the daunting task. The problem is, I try taking on too much in too short a time, like organizing my entire life in a week. Instead, this year I am going to set small goals of things that I can do in the spirit of spring cleaning to make my life easier. Here are 12 things to clean or sort through that don’t involve dusting or wasting several hours of your life.

  1. Clothes– If you have clothes that you’ve been meaning to sell, return, or donate, do it now.

  2. Shoes/accessories– Do the same.

  3. Makeup– Toss old makeup containers that are empty or expired or products that you don’t use and can’t give away.

  4. Makeup Brushes– This is always a tough one but it’s very necessary and you’ll feel super accomplished and grown up once you do.

  5. Food– Sort through the fridge/cabinets and throw away expired food or boxes with one cracker left. Bonus: this means you have an excuse to get more snacks next time you’re at

    the store.

  6. Planner/Calendar– Go through the events you have planned and the assignments you have due and use highlighters and colored pens to color code and organize them.

  7. Notebooks/notes– Go through notes and rewrite or highlight important information. Also tear out pages that are messed up.

  8. Music– Delete old playlists and songs in your iTunes or Spotify library that are outdated (and frankly embarrassing). If you don’t listen to the songs, they don’t need to be in your library.

  9. Laptop– Delete old documents and photos that you don’t need anymore. Also try changing your background to a fun spring pattern to brighten your mood while you’re doing homework.

  10. Phone– Do the same things with your phone, including deleting old apps.

  11. Wallet/purse– Go through your wallet and purses and throw out old receipts and wrappers. Also figure out if you owe anyone any money or if they owe you any and get that squared away.

Political Science Major at Marquette University
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