HOW TO PARTAAAAYYYYYY... safely! (preferably for 21 and older)

It is a given that people are going to test their limits during college weekends. In honor of National Marquette Day, these are tips to keep in mind this semester:


Know your limits

Seems pretty self-explanatory and cliché, right? People get easily carried away, so make sure to remind yourself of your limit because that line tends to be blurred when under the influence.



Mmmmmmmmm. Yes, please! Believe it or not, people tend to forget when being so focused on other priorities. So, make sure that there is some food in your stomach to compensate for all the damage you are going to endure!! YAY!


Be aware of everything that is in your system

Whether you do the notorious tally mark sharpie trick on your arm to keep track, it is worth knowing! Going the more underrated route of just having a trusty pal, who is more aware of themselves, is another subtler way to go about the day in safety.





Avoid mixing alcohol

Calculating percentages of the alcohol content you are considering of mixing is going to be the least of your worries... which can be dangerous. If you are following a recipe, I would say go for it with a little discretion, but free balling a concoction for the first time can definitely wait.


Space it out

Give your body time to process how you feel. The effects are not instant. Don’t compensate for the lack of feeling by drinking more because you will definitely regret it when it does.


Drink with companions

The more the merrier, and in this case, the more, the safer. Be surrounded by the people you trust, it is a lot more fun that way!


Don’t lie down

You will just pass out...and wake up with the worst hangover. Wait until you are sober!


Remember, there are ways to have fun and celebrate without being under the influence. But if you choose to go down that route, please do so with great responsibility and caution. You want to remember these memories, not forget them!