How to Have the Best Girls Night

How to Have the Best Girls Night:

Ah, the weekend. Infinite possibilities. Obviously the ideal situation for most, especially me, is sleeping from Friday afternoon until Sunday night. Alas, that’s just not practical and it leaves you feeling unproductive. Parties are fun, but sometimes after a long week, being surrounded by obnoxious herds of people is the last thing you want to do. Catching up on homework is always a good idea, but you can’t work too hard over the weekend, you need to unwind. This is why a girls night is always a good idea.

Even though I have fun with my friends no matter what we’re doing, it’s sometimes fun to plan an extra special night. There are lots of different activities for a girls’ night depending on how you and your friends like spending your time, but here are some ideas...

Any good night starts off with good dinner. You can order pizza or takeout, go to your favorite restaurant (or dining hall), or cook together. Remember to get snacks and desserts too! A good meal will improve everyone’s mood after a long week.

Next, plan a fun activity for everyone. Whether it’s shopping, watching a movie, doing a DIY spa night, or going to a game, decide what the group wants to do and go for it! Decide whether you want a girls’ night in or a GNO (as the wise Miley Cyrus once sang). You can also do a combination of activities based on how much time you have and what’s going on in your city.

Most importantly, make sure to actually spend quality time with your friends. It’s easy to get caught up in your phone when you are hanging with friends, but try to get rid of that habit. It can definitely be hard, but your friends are your friends for a reason, you get along and have fun together; take time to appreciate them and remember how great they are. Whatever your group decides to do, enjoy your girls night and don’t forget to take some cute pictures!